Nitrogen Cycle

Learn about the Nitrogen Cycle today!

The Nitrogen Cycle

Bacteria and people carry out many of the important steps of the Nitrogen cycle, including the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into a reusable (ammonia), and denitrification (returning nitrogen to the air and water).

The 4 main steps!

1) Assimilation- This is the absorption, and incorporation of nitrogen into living systems!

Bacteria and fungi convert the organic nitrogen from dead organisms back into (NH4=)

2) Decomposition- This is the production of ammonia through the decay of urine from animals

3) Nitrification- This is the production of nitrate from ammonia. When a animal of some sort urinates ammonia is relaeased then converted into nitrate ions witch plants take in as nutrients.

4)Denitrification-The conversion of nitrate to nitrogen gas. This happens through pollution from transportation, industry, volcanic activity, and even lighting.