French: Communication and Culture

at St. James Collegiate

Did you know that French is...

... spoken by more than 200 million people in more than 50 countries in the world?

... the official language of the United Nations, the International Olympics Committee and the European Union? official language in more than 30 countries in the world?

... one of the two official languages in Canada?

... spoken and understood by nearly 9.5 million people in Canada?

... spoken by more than 105 000 Manitobans?

Why learn French?

  • Enhances career opportunities
  • Makes travel abroad more exciting
  • Furthers study opportunities
  • Broadens access to drama, cinema, music and films
  • Strengthens vocabulary, listening skills and communication skills
  • Increases achievement in reading, language skills and mathematics
  • Improves literacy; reading skills are shown to be transferable from one language to another
Why Learn French?

What will we do in French class?

Magic in Room 105

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