Willemstad Times

By: Reporter Esha E.

About This Edition September 20, 1942

In this edition, we will have an exclusive interview with Phillip, who survived alone on a cay for 4 months. We will also have an obituary on Timothy, the man that helped Phillip stay alive. We will also have a National News column, along with the weather and some other interesting articles for you to read.

Blind Boy Survives Alone on an Island

WT: So Phillip, how did you even end up on the cay, Devil's Mouth?

Phillip: Well, my mom and I were going on the S.S. Hato back to Virgina when our ship got torpedoed by a German submarine.

WT: That's quite interesting Phillip. So, who was your companion?

Phillip: My companion was a black man named Timothy. He saved me after the S.S Hato got torpedoed. We ended up on a raft for 3 days until we finally found the Devvil's Mouth. I also had a cat named Stew Cat who, is still alive.

WT: Did you get along with Timothy?

Phillip: Well to be honest, at first, no. I first thought he was selfish when I didn't even get to have a CUP of water out of the keg. I was always angry at him and didn't ever like him. Then, as time grew on, I realized he was giving me everything before he took it for himself.

WT: How did you get blind?

Phillip: Well, it turns out that when the S.S. Hato got torpedoed, there was a piece of timber that damaged some nerves. That caused me to become blind.

WT: Did you stay in a shelter on the island?

Phillip: Yes, I did. Timothy built a hut and we made sleeping mats to sleep on.

WT: How did you know how much time you spent on the island?

Phillip: Well, we had this time can. Timothy and I would put pebbles into it to see how many days we stayed on the island. Also, I had taught myself how to tell time. All I did was turn my head torward the sun. If the angle was almost overhead, I knew it was around noon. If it was low, then it was early morning or late evening.

WT: Wow. Very Impressive. So, what did you eat on the island?

Well, when we were on the raft, there was a keg of water, a tin containing bisciuts and chocolate squares. We also ate flying fish. While we were on the island we continued to eat all of those, plus langosta. We also ate green coconuts and sea grape.

WT: How did you get the coconuts?

Phillip: Well, Timothy REALLY wanted the coconuts. So he asked me many times to climb up the tree. At first, I climbed half the way and got scared becuase I was blind and it was very hard. After that, I climbed the tree all the way becuase I was more brave and had more courage.

WT: Was there any storms on the island?

Phillip: Yes. There was a huge one. It was a hurricane, and it lasted for a long time. This is the main reason Timothy had to pass away. He protected me throughout the entire storm. I am VERY thankful to him.

WT: What did you do after the storm?

Well, at first, I made sure that Timothy was okay. He was alright. Then, we went to sleep. After I woke up, I realized that Timothy was dead. I cries for a very long time, thinking how I was blind and alone on a forgotton Cay. The next day, I started to build a grave for Timothy. I then started cleaning up the island. I also started to make a a new shelter, and also a sleeping mat. I was very succsessful thoughout my 3 days of hard work.

WT: So, how did you get rescued?

Phillip: Well, at first, there was an airplane. I had to make smoke so I got sea grape, which had lots of oil in it. I kept throwing it in, so the airplane would see it. Then, I heard a bell. and voices! I kept shouting saying I'm here, I'm here! And there was a man who said he could see me. They took me to the boat. Once I was on the deck, I was asked so many questions. Then, I told them my name and I where I lived. They radioed Willemstad, and told my parents they had found me.

WT: So, what happened after you got rescued?

Phillip: Well, my parents had flown in on a plane. They took a few minutes to say anything. They also had gotton a barber to cut my hair. Then, 4 months later I was in a hospital in New York. I had 3 operations, which after the third, I was able to see with glasses.

WT: Well, I loved that interview, Phillip!

Phillip: Your Welcome.

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An Obituary For Timothy

Timothy was raised by a woman named Hannah Grumbs. He was an orphan, and his parents and himself were from Africa. He is also American, and lived in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas. He had a life as a deckhand and he also worked with the deck gang of the Hato. He hadn't ever gone to school, and only had fun once a year. He was very old, and the main reason for him to die was becuase of the hurricane that had hit Phillip's and Timothy's Cay. The reason why he was so special was becuase he was very kind, caring, and helpful.
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National News

The Germans continue their successful advance toward Stalingrad. There is also a convoy to Manilla. Field Marshall Sir Harold Alexander is appointed Commander-in-Chief of British forces by Prime Minister Winston Churchill. German troops reach the Elbruz mountains.

U.S. Marines land at Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands. Brazil declares war on Germany and Italy.

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