Weather and Nature

Witch Weather

"Thunder and Lightning. Enter three witches" pg. 1

"Thunder. Enter three witches" pg. 51

-Everytime the witches enter the scene, the weather changes. The weather changes and lightning and thunder occur.

-This change in weather can signify the witches' dark nature.

Nature in Act 1

"And pity, like a naked new-born babe, Striding the blast, or heaven's cherubin horsed Upon the sightless couriers of the air." pg 16

-Macbeth is worried about karma and thinks he will get bad karma if he kills Duncan.

-If Macbeth does kill Duncan then he believes the deed will be spread through the skies and heavens.

Nature in Act 2

"Now o'er the one half-world nature seems dead." pg. 20

-Macbeth was waiting to hear his wife ring the bell and was speaking to himself and he noticed how quiet it is during the night when half of the world is sleeping.

-It was nighttime and nothing was happening and Macbeth's nervousness was getting to him and causing him to notice the silence.

Evaluation of Shakespeare's Effectiveness

In the book Shakespeare does a good job of representing weather and nature. He uses the two for description to set the mood of scenes and to let the reader enter the minds of certain characters. Overall, Shakespeare is effective with weather and nature.