Williston Schools /November 1, 2017

A Message from the Administration

Harvest Festival

by John Terko, Principal-Allen Brook School

Every October, Allen Brook School has a Harvest Celebration. Andrew Wolf, our gardener, works with children from all of the grades K-2. They learn about planting, taking care of the garden, harvesting, cooking and donating food to our cafeteria. Students get to try different foods that they may not know about, and believe it or not they discover they like something new.

When the growing season comes to an end, we have a school wide celebration. Parents donate vegetables and we pick from the garden to make “stone soup”. This past week, due to weather, we were inside for the celebration. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Howe brought in an apple press for this special occasion. The Howes demonstrated to the students how to press apples into apple cider. Students had a chance to press, squeeze and sample the cider. Many thanks to the Howes for taking the time to share this experience with our students. I also want to thank Andrew Wolf for all of the work he has done with our garden club the past 12 years.

Some of you on Wednesday may have seen the whole school running around the building. Laura Dyer, a kindergarten teacher, thought that this would be a good way to start the day from time to time. Research says that exercise helps to stimulate the brain functions and get kids ready to learn. So, at 8:00am the whole school went out to run or walk for 15 minutes. Some kids tried to do as many laps as they could while others jogged and walked to complete the course. We ran til 8:15 and then back to their classes. We have found that this does cut down on the number of students sent to the Tree House throughout the day. Ms. Porter, our Physical Education teacher also does a morning run in the gym. Students can join in from 7:45 til 8:05.

Encourage your son or daughter to join in from time to time and help get their day off to a good start.

Lastly, thank you all for attending your child’s parent/teacher conference. We had close to 100% attendance. This was an opportunity for parents, guardians, and teachers to discuss how students are progressing during the first part of the school year. There is one more conference scheduled in March. As always, please don’t wait til March if you would like to meet with your child’s teacher. Call and set up a time and they would be glad to meet with and discuss progress at any time.

Craft Show Needs Volunteers

Volunteers Needed! Please help us with the Fall Craft Show on November 4th. Volunteers are needed during the event or with set-up the night before. Find more information and available shifts on the sign-up. ( Or contact Karen and Paula at Thank you for helping with this important school fundraiser!

The Craft Fair is open to the public from 9:30 am to 4 pm.

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If you can not attend the budget forum, please fill out the CVSD Community Input Form - We Want to Hear Your Thoughts.

We welcome your input via the form linked below until Nov. 26th:

CVSD Community Input Form

Agenda for budget forum

Families as Partners

October meeting minutes and upcoming news and events

Beginner Band Starts in November

Wednesday, 11/8, 6:30 pm- Ellis Music sponsored instrument pick up night. (WCS auditorium) Read more

SPARK Enrichment After School ~ Session 2

The 2nd session of Spark Enrichment, an after-school applied learning program for students in grades 5-8, takes place from November 9th - December 14th. These small group classes will be facilitated by school faculty and staff. Please access the link to the sign-up form below by November 7th. New this session . . . you will be able to rank your choices for better placement!! Read more

Sign-up form

Wild, Wild West Book Fair

It’s the Wild, Wild West Book Fair at Williston Central School. Saddle up and read!

Book Fair Schedule

Monday, November 27th 1:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuesday, November 28th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Wednesday, November 29th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm [ABS classes]

Thursday, November 30th 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday, December 1st 8:00 am – 12:00 am

Classroom Wish List

Teachers have chosen some of their favorite titles. You may purchase a book to donate to your child’s classroom.

Online Book Fair

Shop online November 18th – December 8th. Visit: or access the link from the Williston School District website. Note: books ordered online will be delivered to the school, not a home address.

We are always in need of volunteers the week of the book fair! If you can spare an hour or two, please go to:


Health Offices at WCS and ABS are starting to test students' vision and hearing. Vermont schools are required by the state to test students' vision and hearing in Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade. Students in 7th grade will only have a vision test.

This year we are very lucky to be selected for Vermont Lions KidSight program. Middlebury Lions Club will be coming to our schools on November 2nd and 3rd to perform photoscreening.

Vermont Lions KidSight program uses a photoscreening digital device called a SPOT to objectively check for vision problems. The photoscreener is like a large camera. It takes a picture of your child’s eyes. With that and the measurements obtained from the images, SPOT can detect a number of potential eye conditions.

If we find a problem, we will send you a referral letter. If your child’s SPOT results form states “Complete Eye Exam Recommended” at the top right of the page, it is a referral and we recommend that your child visit an eye care professional.

On the SPOT referral, you will see a section on the right side of the page called “Potential Condition”. This includes information about the potential eye condition(s) detected by the SPOT device.

If you do not hear from us, your child passed the screenings. If you have concerns, and feel your child needs to have a vision or hearing test, please contact the Health Office at your child’s school. Thank you so much!

WCS :Maria Harlow, RN & Carol Albertelli, RN 871-6170

ABS: Sylvia Love, RN 871-6248

School Handbook

The school handbook has been updated for 2017-18.

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Upcoming Events

Sat. Nov. 4 / Craft Fair / 9:30 am - 4 pm / WCS

Tues. Nov. 7 / CVSD Community Budget Forum/ 6-7:30 pm / CVUHS Rm. 160

Wed. Nov. 8 / Four Winds Training / 8:30-10:30 am / ABS Cafeteria

Wed. Nov. 8 / CY Mentoring Kick Off Dinner / 6:30-8 pm /

Wed. Nov. 8 / Beginner Band Instrument Pick Up / 6:30-8:30 pm / WCS Auditorium

Thurs. Nov. 9 / FAPAC Meeting / 8:15- 10 am / WCS Dining Room

Fri. Nov. 10 / School Dance (gr. 6-8) / 6:30-8:30 pm / WCS

Tues. Nov. 14 / CVSD Board Mtg. / 6-8 pm / CVUHS rm. 160

Thanksgiving Break - Mon. Nov. 20 through Fri. Nov. 24

Mon. Nov. 27 - Fri. Dec. 1 / Book Fair / WCS

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