Non-Direct Care Workers in a school

Training Package

What is a non-direct care worker?

These are care workers who have do not have direct handling with the patients, however they support the team of social care workers who have direct handling.

These include;

  • Cleaners- Ensure that everything is clean and there is nothing is in the way which could cause a trip hazard
  • Chefs- Ensures that food is prepared correctly and safely for the service users to consume. This involves the maintenance of food safety
  • Gardener- Ensures that the garden is safe and accessible for service users.
  • Technician- Ensures that all electrics are working correctly and are safe for use.

Non-direct care Workers are just as important as Direct Care workers

Interpersonal Skills

To be effective at being a Non direct care worker, you will need excellent interpersonal skills. This includes;
  • Communication Skills- Excellent communicaiton skills are needed, this is because the children have different communication abilities, therefore the non direct care worker will need to learn on how to use the different types of communication both verbal and non-verbal
  • Maintaining confidentiality of patients or service users, this based upon the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Reporting issues or concerns- This is to ensure that both the service users and the staff are safe and not in danger of any harm. All Discriminatory practices must be reported and the manager must try and over come the situation. If abuse is visible or any incidents occur then
  • Providing Equal opportunity- This ensures where everyone has the right to be treated equally no matter the difference! It also allows reasonable measures to be made for people who have a disability. This is based upon the Equality Act 2010
  • Whistle Blowing- All non direct workers have the responsibility to report any wrong doings that may arise and have witnessed.

All Non-Direct workers should maintain and promote health and safety in their job roles!