The diverse place of Cameroon!

Location, Climate, and Weather

Cameroon is located toward the middle of Africa with a decently warm tropical climate with a dry season that lasts from November to February but a low wet season from March to June with a lot of rainfall from August to the ending of October. The weather varies greatly from season to season so you get a mix of all the seasons.
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Places To See!

Mount Cameroon- The largest mountain in Cameroon that looks absolutely gorgeous

Yaounde- The capital of Cameroon that is a bustling city contrary to most of the remaining country.

How To Fit In!

The official languages of Cameroon are French and English so if you speak one of those languages you should be all right. To start folkways we begin withe the extended family. To people in Cameroon extended family is as close as normal family to us. A couple other are, shaking hands when greeting, shake hands with each guest starting with the most senior, and men eat first, than women, than children. If you are invited for dinner than you usually eat with the men first. Taboos include nobody being able to shake hands with the kinds wife, males can't sit down until after the king or leader is seated. Next is values, do you think that respecting all your elders is that important? In Cameroon it is extremely important and is considered one of their core values.
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The Culture of Cameroon...

They have a couple subcultures, the Bamileke that speak French because that is where that part of the country was colonized from. And than there is the Bakweri which believe more in healing and other more not so Western Civilization beliefs. There has been a lot of cultural diffusion since a majority of the law system goes by the British law and some other stuff goes by French. If you look at the difference in culture just compare the Bamileke and the Bakweri, the Bamileke go by more Western lifestyles and the Bakweri don't believe in that at all.


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