Secondary School News

Honeoye Central School District: February 10, 2021

A Message From Mrs. Klaehn

Dear MS and HS Families,

Here we are, with the first week of third quarter nearly behind us. Third quarter has always been my least favorite, both in my (much) younger days as a student and even as an educator. The novelty of snow has worn off, we're tired of being cold, we've settled into a routine of the school year, and it sometimes feels mundane. We know spring is coming, but it feels as though we haven't seen sunlight in weeks. When I was still teaching in the classroom, I noticed that third quarter tended to be a little tougher for students, too. Whatever it is about third quarter, we know we need to keep on pushing. A cozy blanket on the couch and a movie marathon may be more appealing than getting dressed and heading out into the chilly morning, but everything still counts!

I have witnessed some pretty amazing growth in students already this year, and we still have 18 weeks to go. I know that our classrooms are filled with scholars, artists, athletes, musicians, dancers, and the kindest and funniest young adults I have ever met. Whatever they set their minds to, they will achieve.

If your students need a little help or motivation to get through the doldrums of third quarter and persevere to the end of the year, please let us know; we'll do all that we can to get them across that finish line with us.

As we enter into a week of break for our students, please encourage them to practice some self-care, rest up, have a little fun, and come back energized!

Warmest Regards,

Addie Klaehn

Secondary Principal

Family/Teacher Communication

I want to remind all parents and guardians that any questions or concerns about student progress or coursework is best directed to teachers first. If you feel your inquiries have not been answered, I am happy to engage in a conversation. You are welcome to call the secondary office to set up an appointment. Teachers have a block of time at the end of the day for meeting with students and connecting with parents. Please know that you are welcome to reach out to teachers at a time that is conducive to your schedule, however they may not respond until they have an available time during their work day.

Parent Square Notifications and Alerts

Big picture
I realize all the communication through Parent Square might feel overwhelming. If you would like to change your settings, here's how. From the Parent Square website, log in and select your name in the top right corner, then click, "My Account". Then....
Big picture
Click on "Customize your settings" in the top box on the right side of the screen. Once you do that...
Big picture
You have the option to choose how you want to get information, including through email, texts, or through the app. If you "digest", you will get all non-emergency alert messages at a later time.

To change settings from the App...

Open the app and tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner. Select "Preferences" under "My Schools"; it should be the 2nd blue circle under "My Schools". This is also how you can combine your accounts if you have more than one child in school. The first option in "Preferences" is "Notification Settings." Click the arrows to change your notifications.

Now, I tell you all this realizing that I'm operating from an Android phone, and I really have no idea if the app functions the same on an Apple. If you have any questions on how to handle the Parent Square alerts, please reach out to Nicki Klingensmith, Director of Instructional Technology, for support.

Dress Code Feedback

If your students are talking about dress code, please know that I have opened up opportunities for students to share feedback on our current dress code as we begin to look at updates for the 2021-2022 Student and Family Handbook. Students are the ones who are most impacted by the dress code, and I want to hear their thoughts! This invitation has been shared with them via their Student Newsletter.


Academic Support

As always, students who are failing two or more courses are encouraged to meet with academic support teachers after the regular school day. Teachers are available to meet virtually or in person. Academic support teachers can help students with organization of assignments, prioritizing owed work, and setting goals for increased academic success. Please reach out to the Secondary Office if you have any questions about this.

Attendance Letters

We have been working behind the scenes to adjust many of our outdated forms, including our attendance letters. You may start seeing attendance letters mailed home if your child has missed a significant number of school days. Parents are always encouraged to check in on students' attendance in SchoolTool. Counselors or our attendance clerk are happy to follow up on any questions regarding attendance.

A Message from Honeoye PTA President, Shanna Butler

Becoming a member of PTA gives directly back to our school, its staff and most importantly, its STUDENTS. For $12 you can help us set ourselves up for success coming into next school year and whatever it holds. The PTA plays a major role in many behind the scenes things at HCS. Please consider joining our members and growing with us. Our PTA is lining itself up for great things at HCS and we invite you to help us by being a part of that our journey.

Attached below is our new link for member hub. Our newest PTA tool. This resource is priceless and we are just beginning to learn the ways it can help HCS. Today is our FOUNDERS DAY, please consider donating to your local PTA! One vision, one voice!

Thank you,

Shanna Butler



Parental Awareness of Avatar "Games"

Through our GoGuardian student monitoring system, we have been alerted to some activity that is marked as "explicit". We handle these on a case by case basis, however Ms. Klingensmith has noted that there is increased activity for students playing virtual reality "games". In these games, students create an avatar (a character to represent themselves) and simulate real-life conversations. One of our concerns is that it cannot be clear whether students are engaging in conversations and sharing intimate details about their lives with computer-generated avatars or with real people who have created their own. Sometimes the conversations are concerning, and sometimes they are harmless. Either way, we encourage families to ask your children what their online activity consists of.

Additionally, our students spend a significant amount of time on screens during their school day. When schoolwork/homework is done, encourage students to unplug. If need be, keep their devices in a "shared" space at home after the school day. As a parent with two (currently 100% remote...fingers crossed for a return to hybrid for them next week!) school-aged children who spend a lot of time on their devices, I know it can be hard, but it does the body good to take a break!

Learning Model Changes

With the increased number of COVID-19 cases across the country and right here in our region, many parents are choosing to pull students from the Hybrid learning model to the 100% Remote learning model. We continue to be dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of our students and are working diligently to maintain standards of cleanliness and COVID-19 procedures and guidelines in the building, and we maintain the belief that school is a safe place for students. However, we understand that some families have circumstances greatly impacting the need to exercise an abundance of caution, and we will continue to support our students regardless of their learning model.

I would like to stress how important it is for 100% Remote students to log in to their Google Meets and remain logged in until dismissed by their teachers. Students who do not meet these expectations can expect a follow up from a counselor, administrator, or another member of the Student Support Team.

Additionally, if you wish to implement a change in learning model for your student(s), please direct inquiries and requests to your child's counselor who will initiate the process. Teachers need time to modify or alter assignments and adjust their rosters, and the turnaround time may take up to 48 hours. The more time you can provide us to prepare for the switch, the better we can maintain continuous access to learning for your children. Thank you for your partnership as we make these adjustments.

Remote Instruction & Technology Support

  • The best way to receive tech help from home is to utilize the "Tech Help" button on the district website.
  • Whenever possible, please refrain from calling the secondary office for tech support. The most our clerical staff will be able to to do assist in troubleshooting technology is to transfer you to Tech Support.
  • Attendance is important on live instruction days for our 100% remote students and our students who are temporarily remote due to COVID-19 guidelines.
  • When teachers are absent, it is not likely that the substitute will have access to the Google Meet. Teachers will be pushing out instructions to 100% Remote students through their Google Classes when they are absent.
  • Materials for 100% Remote learners can be picked up (or dropped off, if necessary) between 8am and 3pm every Friday. Please come to the window at the district office entrance, give your child(ren)'s name(s) and grade level(s), and you will receive materials.
  • Hybrid students who are absent on their cohort days but log in via Google Meet will only be marked "present" in their classes if they receive instructions to do so from the counselor, principal, or school nurse.
  • If your student's Google Meet link is not working, wait a few minutes and try again. Teachers may be handling a situation in the classroom and might not be able to start the Meet right away, which will send a message to students that they cannot join at the time. Thanks for your patience!

Yearbook Orders

Important Message From Mrs. Bricco and Mrs. Campbell

The Yearbook Club is back in business and ready to offer families (grades 6-12) an exciting opportunity to purchase a 2021 Honeoye Yearbook. This year, our goal has been to reduce the price of the book, to provide a unique point of view, and to increase the number of candid shots throughout the book. We want a yearbook that your student can look back on in 20 years to remember all of the great things that are able to happen during the 2020-2021 school year.

  • If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook at the lowest price of the year, please click here.
  • If you are a parent of a senior and are interested in purchasing a PDA (Parent Display of Affection), please visit here.
  • If you have any fun pictures of activities your student has been involved in this school year (sports, first day of school pictures, senior banquet, fund candids), please submit here.
  • Lastly, if you have any questions, please email the, and Carrie Bricco and/or Lorri Campbell will get back to you!

Student Support Team

HCS has a student support team that consists of administrators, counselors, and school psychologists. We meet on a weekly basis to review students who have been recommended to our team by staff. Students may be recommended to the SST due to social-emotional/mental health concerns, academic struggle, or absenteeism/lack of engagement.

The team reviews each recommendation and works to establish tiered interventions to support students. Families may hear from a member of the SST (Mrs. VanLare, Mr. Carrier, Mrs. Johnson, Dr. Paler, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Klaehn, or Deputy Potter) to determine the best course of action for each student.

For students who are 100% Remote, implementing the same interventions pose a little more difficulty, as we do not see students physically in the building. If students are not engaging and our attempts to communicate with families fall short, we will initiate a home visit to check in on our students. If, after a home visit, we are still unable to connect with families and students, we are required to connect with Child Protective Services. This is not meant to be a punishment; it simply means that we need help from outside agencies in connecting and communicating with our families. Please reach out to the Secondary Office if you have any questions about the functionality of the SST.

Tiered Interventions and Supports

We have initiated an intervention for some of our students who meet criteria for an "extra day" in school based on the following:

  • academic performance
  • social-emotional needs
  • teacher/counselor/administrator recommendation
  • ongoing dialogue with parents

This "extra day" is not a full day of in-person instruction, rather a remote learning day that takes place within the building. We are still in the pilot phase of this and will continue t explore more options to meet the needs of our students.


Per recent communication from the District Office, families are aware that HCS has added a number of half days into the school calendar. We are still working on the impact of our TCC students, however our Secondary Leadership Team has developed the following class schedule for those half days. Dismissal for students in grades 6-12 will be at 10:00 for each of the half days.
  • February 12: Periods 5-8, Cohort 2
  • March 12: Periods 5-8, Cohort 1
  • April 16: Periods 1-4, Cohort 1

Please also note that on the original school calendar, March 12 was a scheduled Superintendent's Conference Day. In July, the BOE updated the calendar to add an additional SCD in September, pushing students' start day back by one day. As a result of that, there is no Superintendent's Conference Day on March 12th.

Counselor Corner

As a reminder, our counselors can be reached via phone at 229-5171, ext. 3020. This is a direct line to Kat Chrysler, the counsening secretary, who can assist you in connecting with counselors or help to get you information you need. In addition, our counselors are available through email:

Mr. Carrier ( for middle school and Mrs. VanLare ( for high school. Lastly, please find our counseling department on Twitter @hcs_counseling and Instagram @hcs_counseling .

Helpful Resources

ParentSquare Signup : Please utilize this if you are not already doing so; it's an excellent platform for communication and completing those daily health checks!

Google Form for Daily Meals

Contact Addie Klaehn

Honeoye Central School District

Secondary Principal