Mrs. Hamblen & Mrs. Whaling's K-3

February 1st - 5th

This Past Week...

We learned about the letter Qq and the kids did better with it than I expected! I can tell that you've been working with them at home, and that's awesome... that's the best reinforcement for what we're learning at school!

This week we decorated our Valentine's boxes and talked about what love is.

In Bible, we learned about "A Lost Boy" (Luke 2:41-50). That lost boy was Jesus, and Mary and Joseph eventually found him. He was in the Temple learning about God.

Reminder: Thursday and Friday, the 11th and 12th are our Valentine's parties at 11:15.

Next Week...

-We will continue talking about love and Valentine's Day.

-We will learn about the letter Rr

-In Bible, we will learn the story "Jesus is God's Son" (Matt. 3-4)

-We have also been working on Catechism #6:

"Is there more than one true God?"

"No, there is only one true God."

-Noon dismissal Friday, the 12th.