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January 2020 Newsletter


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Homecoming - School in Session on Friday, January 31

Winter Homecoming will be January 31, 2020. School will be in session on this day. A schedule of Homecoming festivities will be posted on the school's social media outlets closer to the date.

Board of Education Update

In preparation for the new calendar year and the upcoming changes, new and returning board members and the board clerk attended the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB) Annual Conference in December. Sessions attended included Foundations of Boardmanship 1.0, Mentoring New School Leaders: A Foundation for Success, and a variety of other legal/policy, school safety and security, advocacy and community engagement, and school redesign break out sessions.

On January 13, 2020, Fowler's newest board members will take their seats. Board members that will be sworn in are Cathy Heinz, Fred Boyd, Kimberly Copenhaver, and T.J. Milford. Returning board members are Tom Huelskamp, Jamie Boese, and Ed Rarden.

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After School Enrichment Program 4:00-5:30 P.M.

Mrs. Faurot - 2nd Grade

We are pleased to announce that for the second semester of this school year, following Christmas break, Mrs. Faurot will be assuming full responsibilities as our 2nd grade teacher. We are confident in Mrs. Faurot’s professional knowledge and teaching abilities, and look forward to the application of her experience gained under the mentorship of Mrs. Dizmang during first semester.

Mrs. Faurot and the 2nd graders will move into their own classroom, where she will complete her student teaching under the supervision of Mrs. Dizmang, while the 1st graders remain in Mrs. Dizmang’s class. We are thankful for this successful opportunity to grow our own teacher amidst a state-wide teacher shortage, and we are thankful that we will be able to return to the small class sizes that Fowler is uniquely able to offer.

Little Bugs have Big Ideas

Students as young as 3 years old are already developing higher order thinking skills at FGS! Classes recently completed a ball unit where they generated questions, tested their ideas, and used the results to answer their own questions. They learned about shapes including spheres, cubes, cones, and cylinders. They analyzed the inside of many balls and applied their learning to predict whether other balls were solid or hollow. Students learned strategies for finding answers to their questions which included reading a book, watching a video, and trying it out. Parents were invited to the classroom for a special event to interact with their children and observe what they had learned through the unit. We are excited that our youngest Goldbugs are already building the problem solving, curiosity, and creative thinking skills that they will need as they continue in school and ultimately beyond school in the real world.
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STEM Lab Activity Example

Third and fourth graders have been studying Energy and Motion in science. During our weekly STEM Lab visits we have been using our acquired knowledge in creating contraptions. Each week students were given different material to work with. Students had to decide how to modify their contraptions in order to get their marbles to stay on their track.

Project Based Learning Examples

A group of elementary students collaborated to create a solution for misbehavior on the playground. They defined the rules and illustrated them with posters which will be displayed in the window facing the playground. They also created a video presentation for their peers showing examples and non-examples of the use of each piece of equipment. After presenting to the other students, they received feedback from the students and teachers in order to reflect upon their performance.

Another group of elementary students collaborated to create a school-wide postal system. They presented their ideas to Mrs. McDowell and Mr. Bollinger, received feedback, and are in the process of revising and refining their proposal. The students believe this project would benefit the school in many ways, including developing the writing skills of students and creating additional leadership roles for students.

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Keep up to date on district events and activities

Basketball Super Nights

This winter Goldbug fans are invited to catch both Junior High and High School basketball games on many of the same nights, called Super Nights. In most cases, Junior High games will begin at 4:00, followed by High School tip-off around 6:30.

There are many opportunities in January to come out and support your Goldbugs. Let's pack the stands and cheer on our athletes as they fight for a victory!

Home Games

January 10 - JH & HS vs. Rolla

January 14 - HS vs. Ingalls

January 17 - JH & HS vs. Moscow

January 20 - JH & HS vs. Hardesty

January 31 - JH & HS vs. Deerfield (Homecoming)

Project Time - Application of Skills & Knowledge

In the photos below-

  • Students ground peppers during Chemistry class in order to later extract capsaicin from them.
  • Students applied the Pythagorean Theorem and other math concepts as they built roller coasters in Geometry class.
  • Middle school students present their Genius Hour projects to peers.
  • Students toured a solar farm to help build background knowledge for the Solar Cells project they were completing in science class.
  • Students created concept maps to illustrate the impacts of humans on the environment.
  • Students analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of historical events on ancient civilizations.
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January 2020 Breakfast Menu - This institution is an equal opportunity provider


January 2020 Lunch Menu - This institution is an equal opportunity provider


Christmas Festival & Music Program

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Pep Rally

Black & Gold Tournament

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Middle School Cheer Performance

Teacher Inservice & Christmas Party

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