I Survived

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941

By: Lauren Tarshis

Plot Summary

The book I Survived The Bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941 is narrated by a kid named Danny. Danny moved to Hawaii that summer because he got in to trouble where he used to live which was New York. They moved there because the hospital there needed more nurses and also his mom wanted to start fresh in a new state. After about two weeks in Hawaii, Danny meets a kid named Aki. Aki was Japanese and was only three years old. When they first meet Aki is holding a baby wild boar in Danny's backyard. Danny walks outside and start trying to get Aki to let go of the boar but he wouldn't. Facing Aki, Danny couldn't see the mama boar behind him but Aki could and he yells Monster! Right as does the mama boar starts to charge Aki. Danny now sees the mama and grabs Aki and runs inside his house. One day Aki and Danny were hanging out, Danny was holding him and Aki sees hundreds of black dots gradually getting bigger. They got closer and closer you could tell what they are. Aki says look they are airplanes. Danny looks over at the bay were all the big ships were, in a split second the USS Arizona is up in flames...

Theme Summary

Never give up no matter what obstacles you have to face. Danny had the decision to go to safety but he chose to go find his mother. That was a huge decision but he was determined to find his mother. He had huge obstacles on his journey but yet he still was determined to never give up and find his mother

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor was a bay in Hawaii that got bombed by Japan in 1941. We had no clue that Japan was going to do this, it was a surprise attack. We lost a total of 21 ships in the attack. Japan used over 400 airplanes in the attack. Pearl Harbor was a huge tragedy that happend to our country.

How the Author Interpreted Pearl Harbor in the book

The author made this book very accurate on the event Pearl Harbor. They had the exact dates, times, and ship names. Like one chapters title was December 7, 1941 8:05 A.M. Also the information in the book was really accurate. They had the exact planes, bombs, and models of ships.

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