Genocide In Rwanda

Dasjah Robinson

What Is Genocide

The deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation. That's from the internet if you look it but its saying there's two groups fighting against each other in this case Tutsis and Hutus.

How It All Began

During the 1800 the Tutsis also known as the Tutsis coach roaches in the movie Hotel Rwanda has invaded Rwanda and conquered the Hutus. The shared crops for agree of protection. On April 6 , 1994 , the Tutsis leader President Juvena; Habyarimana and the president of Burundi died on a plane because the Hutus shot it up. On April 7th F.A.R set up roadblocks and goes to houses to houses killing both groups. 10 United Nation soldiers died . United Nation tries to help but ends up leaving. They refuse helping them because of the cost. Over 8,000 Rwandans died
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Prevent this from happening

To prevent Genocide you treat people how you want to be treated. Don't dehumanize people. Everybody deserves to be treat equally and fairly as possible. Our nation should be build up with peace and love instead of people hating each other. Dont follow the 8 steps of Genocide.

Other Counties With Genocide

Ever since Sudan became independent, their political situation has become more and more unstable. The people of North Sudan were originally Arab and Muslim, whereas the people of the South were more African and Christian. The differences of their tribes and ethnic groups has led to the conflict, violence, disruption, and mass murdering that is STILL going on in Sudan today.

Sudan started to try be more economically stable and focused a lot on resources they had as a country to offer. Unfortunately, the economy had deteriorated and the living conditions had become very bad. A short while later, a civil war started, as the Southerners were upset about the Islamic penal code that was introduced in 1983 and wanted independence from the North. This displaced two million people; nearly splitting the country in two, with the Arabs being favored by the British in the North, and the Africans in the South. The Arab Janjaweed Militia has been attacking the Africans and killing and driving them out of their territory. The government has denied any links to the militia attacks, although Omar al-Bashir has frequently been accused of supporting the militia.

The president was charged with Genocide.
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