The Bailey Bunch Kindergarten News

Ms. Bailey & Mrs. Shumpert's Class: Week March 21-25th

Dear Families,
We have had lots of fun with all the recent activities here at Ebinport. We hope you had a chance to join us for the Art Show/ Chinese Cultural Night, and Bingo Night. For those of you who were unable to attend, please check out our photos below. It was AWESOME!

We are making good progress and have learned so many things this year. However, it's time to pick up the pace with some of our little ones, and we need your help. At this point in our year, we would like to see our students reading "independently" on a level B, "with help" on a level C, and eventually, meet the goal of reaching level D by the end of the year. You can help your child work toward this goal by reading every night with your child. Work on popcorn words, writing simple sentences, and letting your child see that reading is important to YOU. Let them "catch you" reading a book, the newspaper, a magazine, etc. Practice will make them better! Good readers make great students.

DRA testing will begin soon. This means that we will be testing your child on various literacy assessments to check reading progress. These assessments take time, but we will continue to send home Guided Reading books and the black and white books. If your child has the same book for a longer period of time, please understand that we are testing and will rotate them ASAP.

Report cards will be coming home this week. Please look over these reports and note comments about your child's progress. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a conference by phone or face to face, please do not hesitate to call 981-1550.

Shumpert Shout-Out

As many of you probably know, last week I was out due to a dreadful combination of the flu and strep throat. I missed our kiddos terribly, but knew they were in the very capable and talented hands of Mrs. Amanda Shumpert. She is my right hand, sidekick, ray of sunshine, classroom co-teacher and super hero, all rolled into one. We appreciate all you do for us and thank you for loving us inside out. You are AMAZING!

Hard Work Highlights

Important Message....We Need Your Help!

Many students have been coming to school tardy lately. If you would like for your child to eat breakfast at school, please have him/her arrive before 7:30 am. Children begin making their way to class at 7:30 am. After 7:45 am, students will be marked tardy. Please talk with your child about the importance of getting to class before the 7:45 bell rings. Sometimes we like to stop and talk to friends, teachers, etc. Our mornings are very busy and we cover a lot of material early, every minute counts, so we are counting on YOU! :) Thanks so much.

Important Dates

  • March 23 Walk to School Day
  • March 25 Student Holiday
  • April 4-9 Spring Break
  • April 20 Papa Murphy's Spirit Night
  • April 22 Spring Picture Day
  • May 14 Color Run
  • May 26 Field Day K-2

A Peek at the Week

**Some skills are repeated from week to week as they require additional time to learn and practice.
Read Alouds: Spring, Plants, Insects, Garden,


*Addition and Subtraction to 10 using story problems
* What do we add to a number to equal 10? Example: 6+?=10

*Weighing objects using balance scales to describe things as heavy or light?

* Subitizing-- Quickly counting dots on dominoes and remembering the pattern of the numbers for rapid recall
*Writing the numerals 1-20 with correct formation. (Ex: Some children write 51 for the number 15.)
*Measuring and Weighing objects

Writing Workshop-

How to Books-

-Learning how to write to explain something to others. Writing simple directions for others to follow.

* At home practice: Have your child create sentences about what he/she draws using:

-upper-case letters at the beginning of a sentence and for the pronoun "I".
-periods at the end of our sentences

Reading Workshop- Long vowel sounds and spelling patterns

Science: Living Things

-Learning about living things (plants). Where can we find them? What do they need to grow?

Name Writing- Please help your child practice writing his/her first name using the proper letter formation and only capitalize the first letter. See examples of letter formations in your child's binder if you need assistance.

Counting- Please help your child by putting items in a line and practice counting, saying the number name, and touching each object as he/she counts aloud.