Faith's Science Page

This is a reflection and sharing of my science learning

Period 6

A introduction about me

My name is Faith Lee, I am in 6th grade and I go to Pioneer middle school. My hobbies are sowing, doing art, and coloring in my coloring book. I live with my mom, dad, and with my older brother. I used to have a dog named Rube. My brother is one year older then me and also comes at the same school as me. My mom and dad goes to work. My grandma picks me and my brother from school and takes care of us until my mom or dad comes home.

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😃This is me, Faith😃


🗺🔬My Introduction to Science🔬🗺

______*Triple beam balance*______

The first thing we learned was the triple beam balance. I learned to measure things, you have to do the 100's than the 10's than the 1's one by one.

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______Triple beam balance______

We learned to use the beam balance to balance things.



The second thing we learned was the microscope. I learned all the pieces of the microscope. After we learned all the parts we learned how to use the microscope. We used different items with the microscope like the letter e lab and the sand examples.



The last thing we learned is how to use a map. I learned about the latitude and the longitude. You need two lines up called the latitude and the longitude together.


__My Favorite Lab__ ____🔬Activity🔬____

My favorite lab activity was the microscope. I got to do many activities like the letter e lab. In the letter e lab I had to see a letter through the microscope and had to draw it like how I saw it. I also had to do a sand exam, I had to see whitch two sands looked simular.