Walnut Creek School District

Governing Board Meeting Summary for 3rd October 2022

Governing Board Members

  • Aimee Moss, Board President - present
  • Zetta Reicker, Board Clerk - present
  • Heidi Hernandez-Gatty, Trustee - present
  • Nithin Iyengar, Trustee - present
  • Sarah Talach, Trustee - present
  • Marie Morgan, Superintendent - present


The Board approved the following consent items:

  • Governing Board Meeting Minutes - 19th September 2022
  • Williams Uniform Complaint Quarterly Report for the quarter ending September 2022
  • Personnel Consent Items
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The Board heard the following discussion & information items:

  • Kelly Eagan, Assistant Director of Human Resources, provided an update on the District's plan to attract and retain substitute teachers. The Governing Board took action at the 8/8/22 meeting to approve increasing the daily substitute rate up to, and not to exceed, $285 per day. Ms. Eagan reported that WCSD decided upon $240 as daily substitute compensation for all teaching vacancies, which is competitive with surrounding districts.
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The Board voted on the following recommended action items:

  • Marie Morgan, Superintendent, brought forth for approval the annual Certification of Administrators to Evaluate Teachers. Approved, 5-0
  • Ruben Fernandez, Director of Innovation and Operations, recommended that the Board appoint the following new Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee Members: Aziza Crowder, Enny Gibson, Susan Hildreth, Milan Ninkovic, and Nikolas Weinberg-Lynn. These members replace those whose terms expired June 30. Approved, 5-0
  • As October is anti-bullying month, Superintendent Morgan requested approval of Resolution 22-23-04 Against Bullying, Harassment, Discrimination and Violence. Approved, 5-0
  • Superintendent Morgan requested approval of Resolution 22-23-05 Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week takes place each year from 23rd - 31st October. Approved, 5-0


Governing Board members reported the following activities since our last Board meeting:

  • Ms. Talach attended the WCEF meeting on 9/22 and participated in the LTCC Legislative Team Meeting on 9/28.
  • Ms. Hernandez-Gatty attended the CCCOE Teacher of the Year Celebration on 9/22 in support of WCSD finalist, Paula Rathert.
  • Mr. Iyengar participated in the Equity Committee meeting on 9/15 and attended Parkmead's Back-to-School Night on 8/30.
  • Ms. Reicker attended the TA meeting at WCI on 9/21.
  • Ms. Moss met with Superintendent Morgan for agenda planning on 9/28, participated in the LTCC Legislative Team Meeting on 9/28, and met with WaLaMOrinda Board Presidents.
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3-7th Parent/Teacher Conferences, Elementary & Tice Creek

6th MINIMUM DAY, Elementary & Tice Creek

6th WCSD Board Candidate Forum, Tice Creek MPR, 7pm

7th MINIMUM DAY, All Schools

7th End 1st Quarter, Walnut Creek Intermediate

12th AUHSD Board Candidate Forum, Del Valle Education Center, Rm 401, 7pm

17th Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

27th WCEF Meeting, 7pm

31st NO SCHOOL - Staff Development Day


4th MINIMUM DAY, Elementary & Tice Creek

4th End 1st Trimester, Elementary & Tice Creek

8th Election Day

11th NO SCHOOL - Veteran's Day

14th Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

17th WCEF Meeting, 7pm

21-25th NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break


12th Governing Board Meeting, DO, 6pm

15th WCEF Meeting, 7pm

16th End 2nd Quarter, Walnut Creek Intermediate

16th MINIMUM DAY, All Schools

19-31st NO SCHOOL - Winter Break


1-2nd NO SCHOOL - Winter Break

Looking for more information?

Follow this BoardDocs link to access Governing Board agendas and supporting documents, as well as approved Board meeting minutes.