Science and Technology's Semi-Regular Department Newsletter

May 26, 2016


Today was the first of two visits from our elementary schools. Kings Road School First Graders came to MHS this afternoon as a capstone for their spring science unit. Students made observations around our courtyard pond, took samples, examined them under the microscope, interacted with turtles, and tested their understanding with a Kahoot!

A special thank you to everyone involved. Mrs. Monkemeier did a fantastic job of planning and executing a memorable trip for these elementary students. Mrs. DeTrolio and Ms. McCarthy joined Sue in the planning and then led their own classroom stations. And thank you to all of you who rearranged schedules and classrooms that allowed this experience to happen.

Central Avenue School will be having their trip on June 7th. If you are available we would love for you to be involved!

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As a reminder, tomorrow is a district PD day. Everyone in science and technology is in group B.

For the afternoon session we will meet in G57 at 1pm for our seminar on Laboratory Health and Safety / Chemical Storage. It is being facilitated by Jim Bonanno from Strategic Environmental Consulting. I plan on wrapping promptly at 3pm.

Please bring your questions for Jim.