Success Stories Of Event Organizers

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You're not alone on your journey...

John has 100 participants he has been organizing his events for 5 years.

Gary on the other hand has 800 participants and he has been organizing events for 2 years.

Now John would ask what is Gary doing to make his participants grow so fast in 2 years?!

John is a cool guy, lots of friends, connections and contacts. He was a varsity in college which actually makes him the best candidate for an Event Director.

Gary on the other hand is an undergraduate. 3 years in college and started working on Mc Donalds. One thing Gary has though that John doesn't is that he's street smart.

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You could be John. No matter how much effort you put on your event it just isn't enough. There's always a question of what am I doing wrong?

Or you could be Gary. Even after growing your event in a few years time you know that you could do more.

Whether your a John or Gary the point here is you can learn from each other.

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On this special Video Series we'll go back to the basic and see what we've missed or forgotten. This video is full of rich information such as:

  • Planning Your Event (Seminar vs Workshop vs Exhibition format)

I will categorize event into 3 different types which are seminar, workshop and exhibition. Since organizing an event for different purposes will involve different working itinerary and planning, therefore you will learn how to plan these 3 types of events.

  • How to Plan Your Behind-The-Scenes Logistics

It is to believe that this is the most troublesome part in planning stage. So, you will be guided on the proper way to arrange logistics effectively and cost saving. I have simplified the methods for you as easy as it can be.

  • How to Pitch Your Event

In this module, I will guide you on how to pitch your event to the perfect tune to make sure that nothing will go wrong before, during and after the event.

  • How to Sell Seats to Your Event

In this module, I will guide you on how to generate traffic and create public awareness regarding your event. Then only you will be able to sell your seats in large quantity and lead to a possible full house phenomenon!

  • How to Attract Sponsors

A successful event will need a lot of funding for an impactful effect. I will teach you how to attract sponsors with a large scale budget by using perfect proposal and promotional technique!

  • Turning Your Event Fun and Profitable

Everyone loves a fun event! So, I will guide you on how to create an impactful effect to the audience and they would likely to attend more events organized by you! Also, while having some fun time, you will be able to profit massively from the event too!

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