Being Active

By Charles Jackson

About Me

My Name is Charles Jackson I am 15 years old, I currently attend F.L Schlagle High School in I am in the 10th grade. I was born in Fort Polk Louisianan. I have two younger Sister. An I have a huge family. My hobbies are swimming and running. My biggest concern is my family. My pet peeves is when people really talk a lot and start to make noise I dislike when people start to hop and other people business. So thoes are some facts about me.

My Essential question and why is it important to me

Does being active give you a longer life and does it it prevent disease later in life? I chose this topic because there are a lot of people that I am close too that are Not active. In my opinion I think we should all be active because it is good for your body. I have also experienced me not being active and i can truly say that is does not fell good not being active. so after a moment of thought it bring me to my quetion can being active give you a longer life and prevent disease later and life.

Explination of topic

What I already know, The people or person who is not Active are the ones that is not going to be healthy. Why I say that because if you not doing nothing to help your body.your not going to be on the right track and therefore you will not be Healthy. I hope to learn ways that people can become active and have a longer life and become healthy. Also I hope others will learn that it is never OK to not be active. Even if you are down and cannot do anything you should always push yourself to do better.

My Process

Why is being Active Important?

Now there is a lot of way that being active could be important but these five i thin are the most important.
Improves blood circulation, which reduces the risk of heart disease
Keeps weight under control

Helps manage stress
Prevents bone loss
Boosts energy level
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Being active can prevent disease's later in life

According to a study publish online by the achievers of internal medicine , they said yes it does prevent disease later in life. Researchers also say that the people who are most fit when they are in middle age they have a lower rate in chronic chronic diseases, including heart problems, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, obstructive pulmonary conditions, lung cancer, colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Future steps

I plan to do more research on how being active can make you live longer and give you a better life. But I also would like to learned about can being active be risky at times even though it is good for your because so people have like conditions were if they be to active it can start giving the problems with there body.

MY Reflection

I have learned that it is very Important to be active. It also can help prevent disease later in life. But all in all even though we might be down and can not do anything you still need to push yourself to do better and get active because it is very important for your body and health.