How I Found My Dubai Hotel!

Hey all!

It's been over a few months since I returned from Dubai but my day job has kept me very busy since, without any spare time to be able to write this blog post until now.

So where do I start? Much can be said of my trip but I would like to place special focus on the queries readers had on finding the best hotels here. After flying in on a sultry night in May I quickly took a brief glance through kiosks talking about hotels in Dubai. However, given my budget it was highly imperative for me to find the best Dubai hotels that could offer me, at the very least, a place to sleep that wouldn’t leave me bankrupt and cleaning an Emirati’s shoes.

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Luckily, I came to realize that when it comes to accommodation, the flexible system of hospitality ensures that most Dubai hotels will readily offer you stay options as long as your visa, passport and other things check out fine.

Moreover, the Dubai hotel booking I eventually settled with (quaint place in the neighbourhood of Deira) managed to land me a very enviable bargain. A single studio suite with Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and just a stone’s throw away from the metro lines!

Some of you may feel that finding reasonable Dubai hotel deals is a monumental task. But there are two steps that work for me, which are:

  • Forget location: The closer you place yourself to the Palm, the more you rack up those hotel tariffs. Personally, I have always preferred travelling like a commoner wherever I go, so I did not have the need to stay anywhere expensive because the transport here is extremely dependable.
  • Improvise: Based on your stay period, you may find cheaper alternatives. For instance, Dubai's hotel apartments could be a good choice if you have an extended period of stay but want just the basics

Happy hotel-hunting!