Warren Middle School Activities


Their is one main reason to play football: it is to make you a better person. Football does this by teaching you discipline; consequently, you are taught this concept by doing what the coach tells you to do when he tells you to do it. In addition, football also makes you stronger. This happens when you are working out at practice. This sport even teaches you to never give up and will turn you into a team player. The only requirement is time because their will be practices before and games after school, so why not sign up?

Chess Club

While having fun in important, the main purpose of chess club is to become more intelligent. Chess make you smarter by improving your problem-solving skills during competition or practice. Another advantage of chess is the feeling of winning. Furthermore, chess is even exciting to take part in. Lastly, this club can influence your future career choice. To sign up all you need is patience and time so you can practice and compete.


Track will help you in many of the following ways: it will keep you in shape, determined to win, and increase your speed and stamina. Track keeps you in shape because you have to run very often, so you can compete when the time comes. In addition track will make you determined to win because you'll always want to win first. Track even makes you faster and increases your stamina. Finally, track could be fun, and you might enjoy it. If you don't enjoy running though this might not be the activity for you


Band's purpose is tot each you a new skill and make you more intelligent. You become smarter by excersising you brain when you play your instrament. It's also interesting to learn how to read music. Furthermore, it is very cool to be able to play a instrament. Band is very fun; however, it might be expensive if you decide to purchase your own well-made instrament.

Cross Country

The purpose of cross country is to make you a better runner. Cross country makes you run long distances, and it gives you a better Stanima. Second, cross country can make you faster if you work for it. This sport also teaches you not to give up, and it could even be fun. The only problem is if you don't want to attend practice.