South Asheboro Middle School

January 2021

Welcome 2021!

Happy 2021!!

I hope all our SAMS families had a safe winter break. We're excited to see students again. It's hard to believe that we are putting one semester behind us and headed into our 3rd grading period!

Campus Reminders:

Doors open @ 7:45

School starts @ 8:20

The dismissal bell rings @ 3:08

Students receive a free breakfast and lunch every day

Review the COVID-19 campus protocols on our website as a reminder of what to expect. Remember: in-person learners will need a mask and water bottle daily.

What's Coming:

February 8th

Reading NC Check-Ins Group A

February 9th

Science (8th Grade only) NC Check-Ins Group A

February 11th

Reading NC Check-Ins Group B

February 12th

Science (8th Grade only) NC Check-Ins Group B

February 15th

Math NC Check-Ins Group A

February 18th

Math NC Check-Ins Group B

March 23rd

Grading Period Ends for 3rd Quarter

March 29th-April 5th

Spring Break

April 6th

Students return for 4th Quarter

From the Desk of Mr. Dixon

Greetings from the SAMS administrative team! First off, thank you so much for all you have done within our partnership for our students! We have the brightest students and the best parents around; and we are very grateful for your support! As we transition into the 2nd semester, it will be very important for us to help our students lock into their academic work. Our teachers are really focusing on helping our learners to master skills and concepts so that they will be able to confidently show what they have learned when taking standardized assessments in the Spring. Our teachers will continue to be available for extra help when students need it; and we are soon launching other opportunities for virtual tutorial support for students, as we are beginning a partnership with students from UNCG. Let’s continue holding our learners to high expectations and watch them excel this quarter!

COVID Mitigation Reminders

We appreciate all of our parents and students continuing to follow the procedures to stay safe during this time. Please make sure your child wears a clean, new mask daily. If they forget their mask, we have them available. Students need to continue to bring a water bottle to school.

Our teachers and custodial staff are doing everything possible to keep your SAMS student safe.

Remote Learning Reminders

Student expectations for remote instruction will include:

  • Designating a home workspace that is free from distractions.
  • Participating in virtual check-ins/class meetings.
  • Dressing appropriately when participating in virtual check-ins/class meetings.
  • Showing their faces on the screen when engaging in virtual check-ins/class meetings.
  • Showing proof of participation in all virtual instruction by satisfactorily completing assignments to demonstrate evidence of student learning ie. video, picture, or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing assignments.
  • Communicating with the teacher when there is a need for additional assistance, tutoring, etc.

Mid-Term Student Award Ceremony - Online Coming to you February 8th

Join us for a celebration of hard work & academic accomplishments.

Mid-Year Student Awards include content awards, exploratory awards, A & B Honor Roll, and the first time ever Assistant Principals' Award.

The South Asheboro Middle School Assistant Principals' award is given as a way to recognize students who exemplify the SAMS core ideals of showing self-control, actively participating, making positive contributions, and showing respect.

These students have worked hard to maintain their schedules in order to complete their assignments; they regularly participate in class whether virtual or face to face; they provide appropriate and meaningful contributions to the classroom and school culture, and they show respect for themselves and others.

Tell Us Something Good!

We would love to hear good things about the staff. Please fill out the form, and we will gladly spread the joy!

6th Grade

Welcome to our 6th Grade Winter Wonderland! The 6th Grade teachers believe it is important for our students to be recognized. We know every snowflake is different just like our students! We are celebrating student success by highlighting their growth and achievements. Students will have opportunities to attain various accomplishments, such as maintaining perfect attendance for Google Meet sessions. We want every student to know they are appreciated and valued as individuals. Student names will be displayed in the hallway on a snowflake or snowman to acknowledge their efforts. Consistently motivating our students is important, especially as they are adjusting to this new environment. We hope you enjoy our Winter Wonderland!

7th Grade

Happy New Year! We are glad to have our students back. Most missed school! We love to hear that! Here is what is happening in 7th grade.

In language arts this nine weeks, we've been reading and discussing argumentative texts about topics that apply to students' lives such as advertising, social media, and healthy eating. As we wrap up this nine weeks, students are writing their own argumentative essay. We are excited about reading the novel Tangerine during the next nine weeks grading period.

In Social Studies, we have covered revolutions around the world. Ask them about causes and outcomes, key people and important dates. We are headed towards world wars. We have enjoyed watching CNN10 as it keeps us current on headlines around the world. Here are some awesome “extras” from our students.

Big picture

8th Grade

We have started off strong in the new year! Please be on the lookout for high school registration information. We will post on social media and in the 8th grade community Google Classroom. Students will have a chance to explore, ask questions, and start their sign up process beginning the first week of February.

Students should have also already completed their iReady assessments for both ELA and Math. Most students who have completed the assessments are seeing growth! Please ask your student if they have finished both of their assessments!

We would also like to congratulate our December students of the Month:

Alejandro Delgado for Mrs. Kiser

Isabella Hill for Mrs. Spivey

Diana Herra Gabriel for Ms. Greene

Alejandro Salinas Romo for Ms. Hall

Gabriella Feliciano for Ms. Clarett

Morgan Koskelowski for Mrs. Hagood

Jessica Diaz for Mrs. Ruiz.

Keep up the fantastic work ladies and gentlemen!


Hello from your exploratory team! We are sad to be losing our 1st semester students but also really excited to meet our new 2nd semester students.

Recently you have been receiving your new Google Classroom invites from your exploratory teachers to join your new classes. Please accept your Google Classroom invite. If you think you received the invite by mistake please make contact with the teacher and we will help you. Here is to Spring Semester 2021!

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Important Health Information

Current 6th grade students: two vaccines are required by the first day of 7th grade! Make appointments now with your healthcare provider or Randolph County Public Health (336-318-6200).

You need a Tdap and Meningococcal vaccine!

SAMS Parents: Please continue to notify the school if you or someone in your home tests positive for COVID19. It helps us protect the SAMS community.

Common symptoms of COVID19 in children are: headache, sore throat, runny nose, congestion

(often dismissed as a common cold or allergies). Other symptoms include cough, fever/chills,

muscle aches, fatigue, loss of taste/smell.

If you or anyone in your home begins to feel unwell--please contact your provider for evaluation.

FREE COVID19 testing is available at RCC campus (Asheboro and Archdale) AND Randolph County Public Health. Call 336-318-6882 for an appointment.

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