The Great Gatsby

Sacraficing Time to Persue a Dream

By: Alfredo de Leon

Gatsby takes determination to another level

Once upon a time, Gatsby met the girl that he would end up falling in love with, Daisy. They were perfect love birds, but unfortunately, their situations prevented them from being together. With Gatsby in the War and without too much money, Daisy decided, after a few years, to marry Tom. Daisy decided to use her time differently. She waited many years for Gatsby while he was in the war, however she decided not to wait completely for him. From many examples in the novel, her decisions show her need for upper class, social acceptance and a luxurious life, that Gatsby could not currently offer. Even though she was not in love with Tom completely, Tom gave her what she wanted in this sense. Gatsby, however, did not give up on her. He used all of his time to develop the resources to be with her once again. He became rich and an upper class man in the social class. This took Gatsby many years to accomplish. Being with Daisy was his dream, his goal; and his motivation to be with her was enough to sacrifice years of his life to be with her. Nothing was able to stop him. Nick believed Gatsby "can't repeat the past," Gatsby replying, "why, of course you can." (Fitzgerald 116) It ended up being 5 years before he was with her again, and it was only for a summer.

Discussion of Modern World

I believe time is relative to each person. Time is seen differently at time. A commonly used expression, "Time flies, when you're having fun" is an example of this. The essence of time is important however, and what people choose to do with it is sometimes involved in investing it on one's future hopes and dreams.

College students would understand this. Many take 4+ years of their life, along with other resources, in order to achieve something with their life in form of an education and then, after that, a career.

Another example would be similar to the one in The Great Gatsby, which would be waiting for someone or something that you really want. In Daisy's case, her wants and her own personal priorities influenced her to NOT wait for Gatsby and move on with her life.

This can also go along with solving an important problem or completing a certain task that is important to a person. Situations like becoming CEO of a company, or developing a strong relationship with someone, for example, can take a lot of time, but if someone is willing to take the time to better themselves and their life, it might not be a bad idea to sacrifice the time.

... but is it worth it?

Is sacrificing your time worth it to accomplish your dreams? I bet if you asked this to a classroom of students, you would get many different answers, and probably a heated argument going on. In my opinion, time is a very important factor when it comes to accomplishing anything, among other important factors. Usually, people don't get what they want over night, whether it's getting that six-pack that you want, learning a new skill, or just getting to know someone. Things take.. TIME!

I, for one, am not one that uses time wisely, mainly because of my impatient personality. I am known for wasting time and not having good time management techniques, but as life goes on, I will learn and hopefully get better at it. However, I do use much of my time effectively as well. It might not be the majority of it, but I do get things done. The point is, if something was important to me, I would use the the time I have to get better at it or have it or achieve it. Surely, I am not alone with this philosophy.

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