Customer Success Stories

Compass Holding

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The Client: A trucking company in Chicago

The Challenge: The owner of this start up trucking company owned two trucks. To start hauling loads after getting the insurance on file he needed to secure trailers for both of his trucks. And here came the challenge for this trucking company Owner. All trailer leasing companies he wen to to asked him to fill a credit application first. His company didn't have any business credit history, so all leasing companies denied him.

The Solution: This trucking company Owner submitted an application for credit in Compass Trailer Lease. We understand the challenge this Owner faced. Without a trailer he can't start hauling loads, without him hauling loads he can't generate any income to cover his expenses, including truck payment and parking payments for his trucks in Chicago. We approved his application and secured him two trailers on a month-to-month basis, with one month security deposit.

The Result: Both of his drivers picked up the trailers the very next day and the same day were able to pick up the first load for the trucking company. The owner now was officially in business. This company started as a two truck fleet now is a well established 30-truck fleet. They love the flexibility they have to pick up extra trailers from Compass Trailer Lease when demand calls for it.