The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham

What is ISIS?

ISIS is an Islamic religious group that rejects the idea of peaceful negotiation and embraces genocide and violence as methods of converting and conquering other nations and bodies of people about the world. They are currently in posession of land in: Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, and Syria, in addition to having supporters in almost every country around the world.

As a growing threat to other countries and religious bodies, ISIS is arguably a large threat to American society and any other countries they deem as having different beliefs from their own.

ISIS's Flag

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How Does ISIS Affect Us?

ISIS challenges many of the foundational beliefs of the USA. The size and population belonging to this group is increasing daily, and their influence is surely growing at a terrifying speed. There is a possibility that they might choose to attempt terrorist attacks on the US, and that puts our lives at risk.

In addition to being a threat to our country, ISIS is known for its destructive tendencies and beliefs. Not only is ISIS affecting and hurting us now, they are also destroying important bits and pieces of our history through demolishing and wreaking havoc on artifacts and infastructures.

ISIS could very well destroy some of our history and our present, but we as a country should make our bravest attempt to conquer this trial and pour water upon a raging fire that wants nothing more than to burn all else to ashes in its wake. This is, after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Facts About ISIS

  1. Founded in 1999
  2. Their supreme leader (known as the Calif) is believed to be a successor to Muhammad
  3. Current leader is al-Baghdadi
  4. All Islamists supposedly owe allegiance to the Calif
  5. Follows extremist interpretations of Islam

US Army on operation against ISIS

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