Apps for Classrooms

Applications for Classroom use

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an application available on all devices as well as a website. It can be used for linguistic skills, english, math and science. It can be used K-12 but highly recommended for students that can comprehend how it works. Preferably between 6-12. It helps with studying, problem solving and can teach concepts that students are having a hard time with.

Middle School Math Planet

Math planet is an app available on Apple products. It ranges from Grade 7 to Grade 9. It's an app where students can play exhilarating games to learn concepts like place values, decimals, degrees and much more. There are many great reviews on this app and its highly recommended

Guaranteed to help students with their education!!


Brainpop is an app for every grade from K-12. My teachers used it to simplify more difficult concepts. It has animated characters that teach you lessons in all course as well as quizzes. It is highly reviewed and is extremely helpful to remove barriers and explain things to students of all ages. Available on all devices as well as having there own site.

Quizzes and lessons for all ages

Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an app that is recommended for 5-9 but can be used at all ages. It puts the world into the students fingertips. It is highly reviewed. It gives information on all parts of the globe for social classes, or geography classes. Its available on all devices as well as a website.


Quizlet is a fun and easy to use site for students from 4-12 to use. It can be used for studying purposes. A student can play games that revolve around what they put in as well as providing quizzes and flashcards. It is available on all devices as well as a website for computers.