Hour of Code is Here!

Celebrate Computer Science Education Week!

Calling All Inventor's

In Honor of Admiral Grace Hopper's Birthday

The First Computer Programmer

Born 12/09/1906

Let's Code!

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Last Year:

  • 15 million students tried an Hour of Code in one week.
  • The Fastest growing movement ever!
  • It took Facebook 3 years to have that many followers!

This Year:

  • We’re aiming for 100 million students worldwide to participate the Hour of Code!
  • PALCS is signed up!
  • School's from around the world are participating! Check out the map below!
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A Global Celebration! A Global Movement!

The Hour of Code is a week long celebration encouraging students of all ages from all over the world to try coding for one-hour! There are many amazing activities to choose from! Each activity introduces computer science in its own way for students K-12, beginner on up!

This Week's Assignment

This week we're going to participate in the Hour of Code!
  • Click on the activity link below to try some of the programming activities!
  • You can even try some of the drawing programs for your t-shirt design!
  • Click activities for beginners!
  • Click on the more advanced activities!

*If the drawing programs are too difficult for you, that's okay! Just explore the different activities and have fun! Next week we'll share some of your coding projects! The following week we'll work together on the t-shirt design! Have fun and if you can, save some of your projects to share with the class! Any problems, moodle message me! ~Mrs. Suski

*FYI: No username or password is required for any of these activities during the Hour of Code Week! If you do have a username and password for the various sites, however, you may use it to save your projects.

The Activities

Read, Write, Code, & Create!

Have Fun & Spread the Word: Let's Code!