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Have a GREAT Weekend!

Last PLCs of the Year!

Thank you to 1st and 2nd grade who had PLC on Friday without me. I can't wait to hear the details. If you need follow up from me--please let me know!

December 15th Third Grade PLC

-We will discuss plans for Benchmark/Mclass Testing

-Schedule for CBM/Mclass/Benchmarks

-Compile CFA data/reflection (will talk about it in January)


December 16th K, 4th and 5th PLC

-we will discuss plans for Benchmark

-Schedule for CBM/Benchmarks

-Compile CFA data/reflection (will talk about data in January


January 4th will be 1st and 2nd PLC--

Testing in January

K-2 Requirements

Reading 3D


Math Benchmark Assessments are the week of January 11th (similar to the first nine weeks)


3rd Requirements

Reading 3D


Math Benchmark Assessments

Reading Benchmark Assessments


4th and 5th Requirements

Fluency CBM

Vocabulary CBM

Reading Comprehension CBM (Both tests available) MCRC and CCSS)


Reading Benchmark

Math Benchmark


See Schedule



Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

Thomas Edison

You are all probably learning that Edison is one of the people I admire in history. He shared so many characteristics of the teachers in this building. He worked about 18 hours a day and would have to be reminded to take a break, eat or sleep because he was so passionate and driven in his work. He was nearly deaf and his teachers thought he was "addled" because he learned differently. Lucky for us, he had a champion who believed in him and fostered his love for science. Edison struggled and persevered against the odds that were stacked against him--he kept a focus on his passion and did GREAT things. You are each a CHAMPION, possess a passion for children and teaching, struggle against obstacles daily both internally and externally which often try to stand in your way. Please know that your efforts and actions are noticed--I Love each of you and am so proud to work with you!

P.S. Edison also burned his grandfather's barn down when he was around 7 experimenting with science--so, we all make mistakes and sometimes have disasters happen but we can still be successful! I need that hope in my life!

An Idea for our Return in the NEW YEAR!

I saw this article the other day and just thought--WOW! What a great tie in to the blessings we have and how lucky we are to live in the United States. This article shows how children in other parts of the world get to school. It will sure open the eyes of our students at how they are given a gift of education. You could use this as a springboard for setting goals or resolutions for their New Year. A tie into figuring out far a kilometer is as well!


If you do not want to use it with the students--I think you will enjoy it. If you do use it with your students--let me know! I would love to hear their reactions!


Thank you to all the staff members participating in the mentor check in. I appreciate each of you and know that supporting these students will make a HUGE difference! Remember ONE Hug at a time!


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I know you are busy but please help me get better!!