News Flash

November 16-20

Save the (Day)tes:

November 25-27: Thanksgiving Break, No school

December 2: Christmas program, grades 3-5

December 8: Joint Mass @ East, 9:00

December 11: AR cut date for 2nd quarter

December 16: Reconciliation for grades 3-8

December 21-January 3: Christmas Break

Reminder: Terrific Turkey & Brainstorm worksheet are due Monday, November 16!

What's Happening?!

Reading: Lit circles will meet on Tuesday/Friday. We will continue working on cause/effect this week. Our basal story this week is a folktale called Martina the Beautiful Cockroach. The vocab/AR quizzes over this story will be taken on Friday.

English: finish chapter 4, TEST Thursday, DOL quiz Friday

Writer's Workshop: We will be working on our Terrific Turkey persuasive writing pieces all week. We will be learning about onomatopoeia and adding it to our writing.

Spelling: silent letters, test Friday

Math: We will review elapsed time on Monday and quiz over it on Tuesday. We will spend Wednesday-Friday learning about area and perimeter. Timed fact quizzes will be given on Tuesday/Friday.

Health: Chapter 9: Avoiding Tobacco and Alcohol

Social Studies: Ch 2 TEST Thursday

Science: measuring mass

Religion: verse to be memorized by Thursday