Feed by M.T Anderson

Pages 256-276



  • It's Friday night, and Smell Factor was in trouble.
  • Titus is in his room when Violet goes to his house.
  • Titus lies to Violet about the messages that he has received from her.
  • TItus agrees to go to the mountains with Violet after some persuading.
  • While in the upcar, and on the way, Violet tells TItus that Nina suggested song for her, and she liked it. She said they are really close winning, but Titus tells her to keep fighting, and Violet tells Titus he is her hero.


  • They arrive in the mountains, near a college town.
  • Violet had booked a room at a cheap hotel.
  • The room is unlocked by their finger scan.
  • We learn that the quality, and hygiene of the hotel is terrible.
  • After checking the room, they had pizza, while a protest was going on.
  • When they go back to the room, Violet gets all romantic with Titus, however, Titus doesn't love her the same way. This upsets Violet.
  • They break up, and Titus drives Violet home.

Literary Lens


  • "Take me out to your brand-spanking-new upcar and take me home."(Anderson 271)
  • Don't worry, darling, I have like all the money in the world." (Anderson 273)


  • The scene where Violet is making out with Titus in the hotel room. However, Titus does not love her as much (Anderson 267).
  • We've only been going out a couple of months. And I'm supposed to act like we're married. A couple months. It's not some big eternal thing. We should've broke up weeks ago. I would've, if you hadn't been..." (Anderson 271)

Essential question: In what ways does the book question the psychology of consumerism?

In what ways does the book question the psychology of consumerism?

The book questions the psychology of consumerism, by having characters bombarded with advertisements, and constant persuasive assistance from their feed to buy things that they don't necessarily need. This was evident when they were in the upcar, in a tense situation, a commercial went " you low? Not for long-not when you find out the savings you can enjoy at Weatherbee's of Crotch's annual blowout summer fashion sale!"(Anderson 274). Titus ordered a jersey, and it shows how Titus literaly cannot stop buying.

Discussion question:

After you read, go back to page 290 and reread the section where Violet father claims “We Americans…are interested only in the consumption of our products. We have no interest in how they were produced or what happens to them.” What happens to them once we discard them?