Mrs. McKinney's 2nd Grade News

June 8-12

Specials Schedule

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Art

Thursday: Music

Friday: HELLO SUMMER!!!!

Other Tidbits

Special Events/Information

*Important days:

*Monday June 8th: PAWS redemption for 4th quarter at 9:35 a.m.

*Wednesday June 10th: Bring in a brown paper grocery bag as we will be cleaning out our desks that day.

*Thursday June 11th: LAST DAY OF 2nd GRADE!!!! :( BEACH DAY for 2nd GRADE!!! Report Cards go home today.

SECOND GRADE BEACH DAY!!! We will be celebrating the last day of 2nd grade with a fun filled Beach themed day. In the morning, we will all go outside and do fun activity stations until lunchtime. We will then serve the students a picnic style lunch on the patio of hot dogs, chips, cookies, and juice. Please note that students will NOT be able to order hot lunch on that day. If they do not like what we will be serving, they are more than welcome to bring in a cold lunch with a drink.

After lunch, the students will receive a beach surprise,then watch a beach themed movie. An ice cream treat will be served during the movie.

Our last day together will end with the "Moving Up" ceremony in the gym.

I want to thank all of you for such a great year!!! From the first day of school, I KNEW it was going to be a great year with this group. I will certainly miss them next year, but wish them all the best in 3rd grade and beyond!!!

Thank you for all of your help and support this year. I will always fondly remember this group of students and I hope that they will look back at their 2nd grade year as a good one.

Have a WONDERFUL and SAFE SUMMER!!!! Please keep in touch over the years!!! :)

Mrs. Renee McKinney :)

Prevent "Summer Slide" with these Ideas

Here are some great ideas to help keep those learning muscles in shape over the summer and prevent the dreaded "Summer Slide" from happening come August.

*Keep a Summer journal-they can draw pictures, write stories, write about vacations, their day anything they wish.

*Sign up for the local library's Summer Reading program! A great activity! Students earn prizes for just reading books!!! Any kind of reading over the summer is STRONGLY encouraged and reading isn't just about books. Magazines, travel pamphlets, maps, cereal boxes, whatever as long as they are READING!!!

*"Summer Bridge" workbooks: I heard about these workbooks a few years ago when my oldest daughter was in Kindergarten. It is a workbook that the students work on over the summer. Each day there is a page devoted to reading/language arts and a page for math. The workbook begins by reviewing the skills learned in 2nd grade then towards the end, begin to introduce 3rd grade skills a little bit. You can purchase them at teacher supply stores and I think some craft stores even have them. If you do purchase a book, you will want to choose the one labeled 2nd to 3rd grade.

*Visit parks-let your child run around, fly a kite, play on the playground, ride their bike. Physical activity is VERY important to keeping their minds strong and healthy. Plus, their body will reap the benefits too!

*Learn how to cook: Teach your child how to cook simple recipes. Check out a kids cookbook from the library and have them choose a recipe they would like to try. You may have the next Bobby Flay or Giada on your hands. :)

*Visit museums, zoos, outdoor concerts: All of these places offer AWESOME learning in the form of plain experience. By visiting these places, you are adding to your child's background knowledge, which is VERY important in learning especially comprehension.

*Play with Play dough buy a fresh pack and let them go at it outdoors-less messy-they may THINK they are too old for it, but I bet they have a blast!

*Let them paint a picture or do another kind of craft like Legos. Being creative also keeps those mind muscles strong!!

*Let them be a travel agent: If you are planning a trip-even a day trip, have them research the area/destination and challenge them to learn about it BEFORE you go.

Summer doesn't have to be a boring time or a time where no learning occurs. There are ample opportunities for learning to continue even during Summer break. With just a little planning and effort, your child can continue to learn over the break and start back to school an even STRONGER student than when Summer began!!!

Have a WONDERFUL summer!!!

Mrs. Renee McKinney

Please contact me via any of these options! I am always available to answer questions or give help.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YA IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!