Planet Project for Mrs. Gulbrandsen

The Planet Mercury by Alex Kulps :)

Be prepared to enter the interesting, cool, awesome, unbelievable world of planet MERCURY!!!!!!!!!!!
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Facts and Information:

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system. Mercury has no known moons, It is very close to the Sun. Mercury's days are very long!!! One of Mercury's day is over fifty nine days on Earth. This planet gets really cold at night and orbits the sun very quickly. Sometimes Mercury has an iron look to it. No one knows why. Maybe just because its awesome ;)

Fun facts

Mercury is named after the messenger of a Roman God. Mercury is the second hottest planet in our solar system. Mercury does not have any seasons because of its tilt. Mercury has more impact marks than any other planet. Mercury's surface temperature can reach 800F (430C). It has no atmosphere so it cannot retain heat. Nighttime temperatures can drop to - 280F (-170).
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