Clean Water and Sanitation

By Amelia Patterson and Amelia Baird

Facts about Water and the uses

- In the world, there is almost 900 million people who dont have acess to clean water.

- Millions of lives are lost every year due to diseases from dirty water.

- Our planet is made of 70% of water and 97.5% of salt water.

- One child every 20 seconds die from dirreah from paricites due to dirty water.

Shelter and Water

Shelter and Water

Even if the kids are well many of them are still missing school because they have to help their families search and collect water. When a families focus is on finding water there isnt much of an opportunity to generate income for school fees let alone buying any vital needs. When schools lack clean water, diseases are spread quickly. Many girls miss school or are taken out because there is no private place to go to the bathroom.
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