who is burid under the taj mahal

have you ever thought of were you want to get buried? How about the taj mahal? to bad it's already taken. shah jahan and mumtaz mahal were buried under the taj mahal for years.

favorite wife

Did you know that the taj mahal was built for shah jahan favorite wife. her name was mumtaz mahal. mumtaz mahal was his third wife and she died during labor. shah jahan and mumtaz were both buried under the taj mahal. mumtaz mahal was shah jahan trusted companion travelling with him all over the empire.

what it is made out of

the construction of the taj mahal began in 1631 AD it It took more than 200,000 workers to built the taj mahal and it took 22 years to be completed . outlying building and gardens were finish five years later. the taj mahal was primarily of white marble and red sandstone.

taj mahal today

the taj mahal has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. the taj mahal is considered to be one of India most admired works of art as well a famous landmarks and a tourist attraction that draws millions of visitors every year.


the taj mahal is a great place to visit and it is a big place. shah jahan died while looking at the taj mahal. then it became one of the wonders of the world.