military disposal robots


this bot helps out in many way like clearing out hostile buildings defusing bombs, its a much safer alternative than sending people into battle
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built to preform

the bot has cameras and can be remote controlled can have an arm to defuse bombs or have be suited with a machine gun and grenade launcher can fire at enemy how is it taught to do this has its many cameras and is to be remote controlled

bots view

these bots can have a 360 view and can move its arm if has one 108 to 360 degrees this if it is a bomb disposal robot it out fitted with mostly cameras

advantage and disadvatages

advantage, disadvantage

can save lives, it might cut down on jobs ,very expensive to build and maintain

the impact

these types of bot has had a huge impact to keeping people alive and well
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I think the bot that made the biggest impact on humans lives are instead of a slow moving almost mini tank to an up right walking machine and maybe even a thinking mind for its self to may make a decision for its self. a unmanned suit of armor you could say