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It's a Wrap!

Where did the time go? My goodness, seems like we just started the 2016-17 school year. I am closing up the library for the summer and boxing up the books in anticipation of starting next year with new shelves! But before we look ahead, here's a taste of the great projects we used to wrap up our year of learning.
Gemma Fell Down

Kindergarten Monster Stories

Original monster stories were written, illustrated and acted out by Kindergarten students during library class. They also used their artistic talents to draw the backdrop settings for our green screen video. The students worked with the art teacher, Mrs Fortier to create the props for our set. The videos are posted here on my library page.
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5th Grade Poems

Fifth grade students explored poetry on my Poetry Library Page, then wrote their own original poems and drew accompanying artwork. They put their posters together in Pixlr Express, an online picture editor, which allowed them to type their words, add special effects, and save and share from Google Drive. Their finished pieces are on display on my page.
Biography Riddle Presented by Elephant Stampede

4th Grade Biography Riddles

Fourth grade students have completed their group biography riddle projects. They are displayed on my library page. We used Animoto to accomplish the finished products. Students had to learn about shared Docs, EasyBib, Saving and sharing files and folders, and producing a product with an online video app.

6th Grade Makerspace Experiences

Home Connection

Have you heard the news about the expanded features on Google Earth? Explore the world. Use the 3D view, or street view to look around. Use Voyager for themed tours. Click on the die icon and see where, "I'm feeling lucky" takes you! Try it out with your child this summer and visit anywhere around the world.

Mrs. Castro - Library Media Specialist

I am a Library Media Specialist at E.T. Wyman and Randall Holden Elementary in Warwick, Rhode Island. I love teaching students from K through 6th about how to find answers to their questions and solve problems though books, technology, and computer science.