by:jake stricker

What is skylab?

skylab is a 100 ton beast and is a 118 feet tall thebest thing to compa r it with is an 18 wheeler and sky lab is still bigger than the 18 wheeler but just by a little bit.

when and were

on may 14 1993 the crews missions lasting 84 days circling at 50 degrees north and south of the equator at the altitude of 435 km skylab had an orbital period of 93 minutes. skylab fell from orbit on 11 july 1973
americas frist space station. skylab was designed for long durations skylab was program ojectives were twofold to prove that people could live and work in space for long periods and to expand our knoeledge of solar artronomy well beyond earths based obervations the programe was a successful in all respects despite early mechanical pombles
skylab is a three room space station and it has three bed rooms it is very homey but no madder how you sleep it fells like you are standing up