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History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics formally originated in ancient Greece, where it was used by soldiers to get ready for war. As a result, gymnastics became a vital component of Greek education. The skills and strength needed to perform gymnastic moves, running, jumping, tumbling, mounting, and dismounting. Horses were all thought to be great assets to those battling on the war field. As a rusult, gymnastics lost its power as a military training tool and eventually became a respected sport at its own rights.

Interesting facts about Gymnastics

Fredrick Ludwig Jahn is considered the father of Modern Gymnastics. Gymnastics was at the first Olympics. Men's Olympic Gymnastics has 6 events. Woman's Olympic Artistic Gymnastics has 4 events. Only woman Practice Rhythmic Gymnastics competitively. Trampolining bounced into the Olympics in 2000. International Gymnastics (FIG) is the oldest sport organization. There's NO more perfect 10 in Gymnastics. Gymnastics Age Restrictions are controversial. Make sure you practice your dance routine out side of school. Make sure the kid doing gymnastics knows that pain is the result of a normal activity or pain of an injury. If you eat before a compition make sure you eat lite. In 1997 "Physical Activity & Sports in the lives of Girls' a report of the president's concil on Physical fitness & sports. Exercise a little before you go to perform so you don't pull anything or get hurt. Olympic gymnastics compition for woman was introduced at the 1928 games. Exerciseing outside of school will help little girl's muscles grow better.


In order to start your Gym Work you have to stretch. Just for your safety so you don't get hurt. When you are instructed to stretch make sure you do it full out and no just play around when you are suppose to be stretching cause then you will get hurt.

Gymnastic Moves

Hand Stand When you are doing a hand stand make sure you place your hands wider or narrower than the width of your shoulders. Never arch your head back or forward. Keep your legs together and straight. IN gymnastics you will work on the bars, beam, tumble track, floor, trampolines, pit, mini trampoline, and more.
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Gabby Douglas' routines from the 2012 Olympic Gymnastics trials