Go Greek Now!

By: Sarah Deininger

Sororities and fraternities enter high schools.

Are you a young, high school student who is looking forward to a Greek, college life style? Do you're outfits include whales on t-shirts, socks with check marks,omega signs on leggings,or jewelry in the shape of a hexagon with tassels? When Starbucks announces their Pumpkin Spice Latte, do you rush down the street to buy one? Do you use the term "literally" instead of "figuratively"? Are you REALLY into Greek life?
If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you're in luck! Over the past few weeks we travelled to Lake Highlands Highs School to test out a new set of clubs for students to experience sororities and fraternities before they enter college.
We all know that college students believe that sororities and fraternities are all the rage and want high schoolers to be proactive now. Our program includes many options to choose from including highlandelts, chioleaders, and esprata phi. In these clubs girls and boys are able to mix with other students looking forward to all of the perks of Greek life. We've included EVERYTHING that could possibly go into building a perfect rush candidate. Everyone must be required to own clothing that follows the current trend (no matter how expensive it might be), wear matching shirts before an upcoming event, attend all of the events held by your Sorority or fraternity, and stay up to date with lingo of college Greeks. We surveyed several students involved to get their opinions. One girl told us, "I love this new program! It might sound silly but wearing the same t-shirts as other girls really makes me feel a part of something great. We Have the coolest Big sis/Little sis program and my big had helped a lot when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Today I bought a pair of $195.00 sandals just because every one else has them. What could be better than going Greek in High School?"-Lola Lemone. Our program is even popular among the boys at the school as one student added,"This fraternity program is sick bro. I love hanging out with my bros and partying non-stop. TFTC
(We later found out this means 'To Frat To Care.')!-Nick E. Swishlyfe"
If these sororities and fraternities worked in Lake Highlands, they will work in any high school. Don't wait until college, go Greek now!