Transition Meeting

Elementary to Secondary: Patty's Journey


The purpose of this meeting is to ensure Patty's move from elementary school to secondary school is smooth and comfortable for Patty as well as her support network.

Who is involved & What is their Role?

  • Teacher(s) & Principal: participate in planning process
  • Special Education Team at school: provide observation material for transition
  • Student & their family: active involvement, personal commitment & self advocacy
  • Health care provider: professional input
  • Speech-language Pathologist: professional input
  • Work Experience Coordinator: professional input

Roles & Responsibilities For the Future

While Patty is in school, the roles above will not change, but may evolve. We are hopeful that Patty will be able to become more involved in her education process and through this transition we can decide if we need more people or programs to become involved.

What is the Process?

1. Collect documented strategies that are successful and share with new staff

2. Gather information about the receiving school’s environment while considering the student’s programming needs

3. Have new staff visit elementary school to observe student and programming

4. Organize student visit to new school

How Does the Transition Plan Prepare for the Future?

  • identifies goals for work, further education, and community living that: – reflect actual opportunities and resources that are likely to be available after the student leaves school; – are achievable by the student, given appropriate supports
  • defines the actions that are necessary year by year to help the student achieve his or her goals
  • clarifies the roles and responsibilities of the student, family, and others in carrying out these actions.