The Holocaust

Taylor Champitto Academic 3

Are you Jewish? In the 1930's Hitler and the Nazis captured Jews and most of them were killed. Hitler's power has risen and he decided to capture the Nazis and put them in Concentration Camps, this was called the Holocaust. Most were killed by gas chambers. This was a hard time for all Jews. Hana and George Brady went through the Holocaust.

Hana and George were the only Jewish children in their town, so they were a main target for the Nazis. Hana and George went to the camp called Theresienstadt. They didn't see their parents for 2 years while they were taken away by the Nazis. Hana went to Aushwitz and died in a gas chamber. George survived threw the Holocaust and he is still in his 90's right now. IN FACT, HE IS LIVING IN Toranto, Canada right now. Hana and George went through the Holocaust, their parents died later.

Hitler has just become a dictator, so he commanded the Nazis to capture the Jews because he didn't like their religion, this was called the Holocaust. Hana and George Brady are Jews and they went through the Holocaust with their family. The Holocaust was a hard time for all Jews. About two out of three Jews died from the Holocaust. My article states that, " Hopefully their won't be anything like this again.