The EL Press

by: Stacy Mattingly and Rosario C. Chavez

Welcome to our Newsletter

Important dates coming up:

Thanksgiving Break: Nov. 22-26, 2021

Winter Break: Dec. 20 - Jan. 3, 2022

Make sure to check your student's grades/assignments in Power School on a regular basis. This will let you know what there grades are or missing assignments are. Please make sure to click on the word VIEW if it appears on their grades because this will give you more details to the assignment.

The EL Team:

Elementary EL Specialists:

Mrs. Ramsfield: Creek

Mrs. Trotter: Valley and Lakehoma

Mrs. Martinez: Mustang Elementary and Riverwood

Mrs. Desbien: Trails and Centennial

Mrs. Mills: Prairie View and Mustang Educational Center

Intermediate EL Specialists:

Mrs. Pruett: Canyon Ridge and Meadow Brook

Mrs. Ramsfield: Horizon

Middle School EL Specialist:

Ms. Griffin: Soutn Middle, Central Middle, and North Middle School

High School EL Specialists:

Mrs. Chavez and Mrs. Mattingly

Title III English Language Learners

Welcome English Language Learners!

The ELL program provides additional language support based on the student and their needs.

We strive for English Proficiency in the areas of listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

All of our EL students practice academic language in the content areas of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Some skills we work on in EL class might be:

Literal Skills which may include:

  • Recognizing the Main Idea

  • Recalling Details

  • Determining the Sequence of Events

  • Identifying Cause-and-Effect Relationships

Inferential Skills may include:

  • Comparing and Contrasting

  • Making Inferences and Drawing Conclusions

  • Telling Fact from Opinion

  • Predicting

For students in the EL program, Spring WIDA Access language testing occurs in the spring.

WIDA Score Reports

You should have received your child's WIDA scores in the mail by now. Please look at these scores every year. Help your student to improve their scores by improving in the areas listed (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Literacy, Comprehension, Oral Language, and Overall). These are things that each teacher will work on throughout the school year. The next round of WIDA testing window will begin on 1/10 - 3/25/2022.

EL Adult Class

In the spring the district will be offering an EL Adult class open to adults who speak another language. Be on the look out for the Mustang Community Based Programs. The teacher for the Adult EL class will be Mrs. Mattingly. There is a description of the class below.

Adult EL Program:

This course will serve adults whose first language is not English. The primary objective is to enable adult learners who are not fully fluent and literate in English to become proficient in communicating in English, so that they can meet their personal, employment, community, and academic goals.

The link for Mustang Community Education is below.

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