Brecken R

About me!

My passion is volleyball! I love to play and to coach younger girls. I also play sand volleyball and I’m a recreational Bowler! I love to snow ski and wakeboard. I love animals of all kinds (especially dogs).

Some interesting facts about me-

  • I own a Venus Flytrap named Phil (:
  • I collect coffee mugs from everywhere I go!
  • I’m a HUGE Jeep enthusiast, I named mine Reba.
  • My ultimate life goal is to become a Veterinarian
  • I was recently accepted into my DREAM school-Clemson University!
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Where would I travel?

Even though it wasn’t too long ago, I would travel back to the 70’s in California. For some reason everything seemed so carefree and fun. I would love to go back and experience a time period without cellphones and laptops controlling our lives!!
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