Attention Seniors!

For some of you, graduation plans are at stake...

It has come to my attention that some of you are not paying attention to the newsletters/website announcements being made in regards to Early College expectations and requirements. This is putting some of you in jeopardy of not completing your high school requirements, your AA degree requirements, and/or your financial aid requirements. Please, make sure you take the time to READ THIS MESSAGE - ENTIRELY, without distractions, and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS outlined. Thank you!


Each of you were sent an appointment slip (pink paper). Please pay close attention to the date and time assigned to you. These appointments are scheduled back-to-back many days in advance. Arriving for your appointment on time and prepared is critical to reducing wasted time for others.

Early College Progress Reports

Each of you were sent an Early College Progress Report with your appointment slip. You are required to have this form completed, including having your parent sign the form, before your appointment. Arriving for you appointment without the form, or with a blank form, is not appropriate. As indicated on the form, you can calculate your grades based on the professor's website, conversations with your professors, or by tracking your grades on your syllabus.

Florida Financial Aid Application

You should have completed your Florida Financial Aid application by this time. If you have not done this yet, this needs to be completed before your appointment with me.

NOTE: Pay particular attention to questions 22, 23, 24, & 25. Answering these questions incorrectly can negatively impact your financial aid package for the next 4 years! Use the Bright Futures Helpful Hints for assistance with answering these questions.
The Helpful Hints document was made available during the BEACON sessions at Lee High School and is available on our website: Under Frequently Used Documents

If you have already completed your application and clicked "Submit", and need to correct your answers:
  • Log back into the system.
  • Click on Check Application Status.
  • Scroll down.
  • Click on Update Applications.
  • Correct any information you need to.
  • Click on Submit Application.