JRB Family Newsletter

March 31, 2021

Reminder: Friday, April 2nd is a Professional Development Day for Elementary Only- No School for Elementary Students

Changes To Parent Pick-Up April 5th

When in-person learning starts 5 days a week on April 5th, we anticipate a significant number of parent pick-up vehicles. Our plan is to continue to have parent pick-up traffic go around behind the building in the same manner that it did this year in hybrid mode.

  • A staff member will be posted at the crosswalk where the driveway turns behind the building to direct parent pick-up traffic.

  • When our regular (see pink on the map) parent pick-up lane fills up, we will start using the lane closest to the building (see blue on the map).

  • The first lane will be closed with a cone when the second lane is opened. All cars in the first lane (pink) will pick up their children before the cars in the second lane (blue).

How can you help? Please help your child learn how to get into the vehicle by themselves if at all possible and please be patient. We will do our best to be efficient, but we must always prioritize safety. PLEASE DO NOT PASS ANYONE.

We are not yet sure if this procedure will be needed for arrival. If needed, we will also use the second lane during morning drop-off.

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Please Bring Water To School

As has been the case all year, we are asking that students bring a water bottle to school each day since the water bubblers are not in service this school year. We have had some warm days already, and only anticipate more of them, so bring that water in!

Little Caesars Pizza Fundraiser Update

Through sales and donations, we raised $958.00 for JRB's Enrichment Fund!

The Enrichment Fund benefits the whole school with added programs and fulfilling grade-level requests for special programs.

Thank you for your support!

Brenda Brown


Yearbooks are now on sale! Since we didn't have any events this year we need your help filling out some pages with remote learning pics. Click here for more information regarding orders, deadlines, uploading photos, and creating custom pages!

Email jbriggsyearbook@gmail.com with any questions.

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Community News

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Our social media presence has been lacking of late due to our planning for the April 5th transition. We hope to show you more of the everyday activities consistently in the future.