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Q1: 2015-2016

Quarter of the way through the year:

We've made it! Only 3 quarters left....not to start counting down early or anything.

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Database Highlight: Biography in Context

One of the best resources for conducting research on people. Biography In Context offers a biography about the person in addition to magazine, journal articles, videos, podcasts and images from a multitude of sources. It is a one stop shop for researching everyone from historical figures to present day stars. Since it is constantly being updated students will always be able to find trustworthy, up-to-date information on whomever they are interested in.

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New Books: Ms. Specht Recommends

I'm here to help!

Have an assignment that could use some sprucing up, but don't know which product to use? Don't feel comfortable teaching research or citations? Want materials pulled ahead of time to make research easier for your students? Want to collaborate on a research project? Let me help you!