HIstory Of Ridgemont

By: Brianna Gregory


The first school in Ridgeway was a small frame wood building built in 1853 located at the south corporation line at the junction of Logan County Road 40 and State Route 292. As the town grew and more room was needed, a much larger school was built on Hardin Street in the village. This school served the community well until 1880, when a larger brick two-story school was erected at the corner of Hardin and Buck Streets. It is now the home of Mike and Deb Staker.

In 1887 a two-story school building was built one block north on the corner of Hardin and East Hale Street, the site of the present school. This school was destroyed by fire in 1913. Construction was begun on a new school, while classes were distributed among the various churches in town and the Opera House.

The “New Union Ridgeway School” was finished in 1915-a one-story brick with a full basement for farm shop and other classes. 1924, a second floor was added, three large classrooms, a science room, library, and study hall along with a “crow’s nest” for the superintendent’s office. In 1930 a gymnasium was added- a separate building to the southwest of the school. More space was needed, so in 1951-52 a music room, science room, two offices, cafeteria, and home economics room were added joining the original building to the gymnasium.