the advantages of geothermal energy

Isaiah Andrews

brief explanation of Geothermal energy, power plant, and distribution.

Geothermal energy is energy that is produced by molten rocks underground, which are regularly pumped with water to produce steam from the molten rocks and water.

But the problem is that there are some disadvantages to this beneficial renewable energy source. And I am going to explain some of the solutions for them, to fully use the energy source. Anyway what you have to do to produce geothermal-generated electricity, wells, sometimes a mile deep or more, are then drilled into the underground pockets to get the steam and very hot water that drive turbines linked to electricity generators.

Lastly the two disadvantages that I am going to focus on the solutions on are...

•Overflowing of the geothermal pocket

•May release harmful gases

fixing the disadvantages

Solutions for the disadvantages

•Fixing the overflowing of water

one solution to fix this disadvantage might be making an auto-stop mechanism that stops the flow of water when it reaches the set amount being poured into the pocket, this solution will stop the likely hood of overflowing the geothermal pocket with water which will 'kill' the pocket from further use in the future, the other solution i got for it is to train the people who are managing the water being flowed into the pocket, so they can avoid the overflowing.

•the chance of releasing harmful gases

This is a big problem because if the gases are highly flammable and if a open flame or spark from electricity... well you get the picture.

My solution for this problem is having a device that can detect the level of harmful gases in the power plant, so that the people in the plant can evacuate when the levels reach a dangerous volume/points, and to have equipment or a team of people who can remove the dangerous gases from the vicinity.

Isaiah A.