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October 2021

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Welcome back!

Welcome to October! This is a fun month because the weather starts to cool down and we got our first rainy day already! Looking forward to many more. This month we also have many fun celebrations and events. Keep reading to find out what is going on at Morris Elementary.


Below you will find pictures of the most-checked out book in September, as well as top patrons (that's the name of a person who visits the library). It's very important to read every day. If you are listed as a top patron below, stop by the library for a reward!

1. Ayala, Isabella Dalilah, 30

2. Gil, Alyssa Nazani, 29

3. Diaz Garcia, Amairany Betsabe, 23

4. Garcia, Adriana, 22

5. Valencia, Jayleen Lissette, 22

6. Amaya, Nathan Josue, 21

7. Lopez-Felix, Mayleen Dayana, 21

8. Mata, Delilah, 21

9. Naze, Annabelle Lourdes, 20

10. Esparza, Emily, 19

11. Ford, Azuriah Bobbye,18

Diary of a Wimpy Kid- The Meltdown- top book in September 2021

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And for those Diary of a Wimpy Kid lovers out there, keep an eye out for the new moving coming to Disney+ on December 3rd.


For the 2021-2022 school year, the library designed a reading challenge. Students are encouraged to complete as many squares as possible and return it to the library when completed for some awesome prizes. We've already had 3 students complete the challenge! Jocelyn Torres, Angel Gomez, and Shesid Alvarado. Here is a link to the challenge. Please return your completed sheet to the library when you're ready.


Students! When you login with google to Clever, you will find ELECTRONIC BOOKS in two different areas. Under "library links" you can read ELECTRONIC BOOKS with the San Bernardino County Library (Overdrive for Kids), or with Destiny Discover. Both have amazing selections and collections. You can also find many awesome ELECTRONIC BOOKS using Scholastic Lit Pro, which can be found under "more apps." You can also access Footsteps to Brilliance via Clever in "more apps" as well. Below are examples of what the app icons look like. All of these apps scan be added to your Clever favorites by clicking the heart at the top right of the icon. Let Mr. Lara or your teacher know if you have any questions!
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Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15-October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Stop by the library to see what books we have on display this month. Below are photos of some.


We had our second fire drill in September and it went very smoothly. Remember that fire drills are only practice, and the more practice we get going through the process the better we will be in the event that there is a real fire one day. Below are some pictures from the event.
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Mrs. Dandrea Safford

This month's staff spotlight is on one of our new Reading Specialists, Mrs. Dandrea Safford.

Mrs. Safford says her latest discovery is yellow watermelon. She says, "I came across this fruit while shopping at Trader Joes. I learned it was first grown in Africa 5,000 years ago and it's the original watermelon. It has just the right amount of sweetness that satisfies my "sweet tooth" in a healthy way." Sounds delicious!

Regarding her favorite superheroes, she calls them "super she-roes" and her favorites are Storm and Xena the Warrior Princess. Great choices! When asked about her favorite movies, she responded with some classics from the 80s: Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, and Purple Rain.

Many people don't know this yet but Mrs. Safford is actually a published author. She has published two children's books and is currently working on a third book. Her first two books will soon be available in our school library so students will soon be able to check those out themselves. Mrs. Safford is a book lover just like us. As for books written by other people, she loves Pete the Cat books, and Sulwe by Lupita Nyong'o, the Eerie Elementary book series by Jack Chabert, and House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, which is also one of Mrs. Guzman's favorite books, too!

And before she became a Morris Mountain Lion, her mascots were Cougar(elementary), Seahawk(middle school, Cougar & Viking (high school), and a Don, Matador, Eagle, Titan, and Triton at various Colleges. Mrs. Safford loves school, and if you have any questions about going to college or any of the following schools, you can ask her since she went there: University of San Francisco(USF), CalState, Northridge(CSUN), CalState, LA(CSULA), CalState, Fullerton(CSUF), and UC San Diego(UCSD). At college her favorite classes included: Inclusive Education, Psychology of the Brain and Behavior, Instructional Web Design for Elementary Education, and Culture of Literacy.

Her academic advice to students is this: "The hardest step to taking on a challenge is the first step, so remember, don't be afraid to take the first step towards your victory."

Thank you for the good advice and for participating in our interview, and welcome to Morris!

September Students of the Month

Congratulations to all the September Students of the Month!
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Once again, our school is earning money using Box Tops for Education. After buying eligible products, a parent or guardian must upload the receipt to the Box Tops app. Our school code is 415115. For help with signing up/scanning receipts, see Mr. Lara in the library. See additional information at this link.


Q: How do bees get to school?

A: By school buzz.

Q: What did the sloppy student get on his math test?

A: Peanut butter and jelly.

Q: What did the little turtles say to their teacher?

A: "You tortoise everything we know."


"Be Glad Your Nose Is on Your Face" by Jack Prelutsky.

Be glad your nose is on your face,

not pasted on some other place,

for if it were where it is not,

you might dislike your nose a lot.

Imagine if your precious nose

were sandwiched in between your toes,

that clearly would not be a treat,

for you'd be forced to smell your feet.

Your nose would be a source of dread

were it attached atop your head,

it soon would drive you to despair,

forever tickled by your hair.

Within your ear, your nose would be

an absolute catastrophe,

for when you were obliged to sneeze,

your brain would rattle from the breeze.

Your nose, instead, through thick and thin,

remains between your eyes and chin,

not pasted on some other place--

be glad your nose is on your face!



Red Ribbon Week Spirit Week: October 25-29

Monday: "My Future is too bright for drugs" (Wear a college shirt)

Tuesday: "Giving drugs the boot!" (Western Day)

Wednesday: "I think in pink" (Wear pink)

Thursday: "Drugs can't find me" (Wear camouflage gear)

Friday: "Look at me! My favorite book character" (Wear a costume from a book and find the matching book.)


What is good and bad for the earth? Here at Morris we got an award for doing our best to help the planet by practicing good habits such as sorting trash, planting trees, and teaching others the importance of living green. This is a great accomplishment because not every school gets an award like this. Go Mountain Lions! Keep it up!


Morris Elementary is now a "gold level" PBIS school. This is very exciting because it means students all know the rules and work very hard to follow them. Thank you to everyone who always remembers to "be safe, be responsible, be respectful" everywhere on campus and at home.
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Mt. Lion News is a monthly newsletter for students at Morris Elementary School. If you have any news you would like featured, please contact Andres Lara. Info below