Magnet Minutes

Kenwood Leadership Academy Magnet School

October 2016

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Celebrating our Journey

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present to a community group with David and Ben Feight. This group was interested in learning about our focus at KLA. The starting point for me in beginning to prepare for this presentation was our "Prospective Families" power point presentation from last spring. This was the presentation we gave to families and community members that were interested in learning about our vision and making an informed decision before entering our magnet school lottery. As I went through the old presentation, I had an overwhelming feeling of joy for our school. I was able to so clearly see all of the progress that we have made. Slide after slide, I replaced pictures of what our vision could look like with evidence of what we are actually implementing right now. At the time we gave the presentation, we had been with our students for 5 weeks. In 5 weeks we have slowly been climbing the stairs toward our vision.


Lead Time Implementation

Increased Student Ownership:

-Goal Setting

-Reflections and Evidence in Leader Binders

-Classroom Leadership Roles

7 Habits in 60 Seconds

Decrease in Office Referrals

As we strive to continually improve, it may seem like our "end in mind" is always a few feet in front of us- like we never quite get there. While we know that continuous growth is important, we need to make sure that we celebrate how far we've come. I'm so honored to be on this journey with all of you!

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7 Habits in 60 Seconds-Week 4

21st Century Learning

It has been great to be in classrooms teaching and modeling 21st Century skills. There are so many natural leadership/7 habits connections that have been made with 21st Century Integration. I will be sending a survey after this round of 21st Century Learning. My goal is to continue to provide standardized opportunities (opportunities that all students across grade level get) and increase personalized 21st Century Integration (ways that you, personally would like to integrate these skills). I will be creating screencasts and tutorials to help sustain what I have already modeled. Those will be available soon in a 21st Century OneNote.

Innovative Programming Updates

Weekly Magnet Meetings:

This week we are beginning weekly magnet school meetings. David and I will have a chance to meet with Johnson STEAM Academy's principal and magnet coordinator along with Dr. Trace Pickering. The purpose of these meetings is to learn from each other and work together to create systems that support our vision.

Innovative PLC:

David and I will also meet in a larger Innovative PLC a few times throughout the school year. The schools included are those that have innovative programming in their building and district level administrators. This will help us improve as an entire K-12 system.

Most Likely to Succeed:

We will be rescheduling the screening of the film in December or January. I will pass that information along as soon as a date is confirmed!

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