Holiday Greetings

From the United Nurses and Allied Professionals

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May your Holidays be filled with light!

The month of December is full of Holidays! Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa,Solstice, St Stephen's Day and Yule to name a few. And then there is New Year's Day. Most holiday traditions include candles and light. Whatever your tradition, may your Holidays be joyful and may your New Year be Happy and Safe. From Your Friends at the UNAP
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UNAP Executive Board Officers

From left, Barbara Crosby, Secretary; Lynn Blais, Executive Vice President; Joyce Dion, Vice President, Liz Furtado, Vice President; Linda McDonald, President; Kevin Wilks, Treasurer

United Nurses & Allied Professionals

The United Nurses & Allied Professionals (UNAP) is a regional health care union representing approximately 6,500 nurses, technologists, therapists, support staff, and other health care workers employed in Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut.

UNAP is a forceful advocate for both our members and our patients. As patient advocates, we seek to create a humane health care system that offers accessible, affordable, quality care for all. As a professional union, we are committed to improving the working conditions and economic well-being of our members. We seek an equal voice for health care professionals in the decision-making processes that affect our jobs and our patients.